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How much should a 16-year-girl weigh?


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The weight of a 16-year-old girl depends on her height and build.


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you should weigh about 98-104

you should weigh 85 pounds

if you are 31 and 4,11 you should step on a scale and then you will know how much you should weigh.

You should weigh about 100 or over pounds

you should weigh about 120 pounds!

You should weigh anywhere from 111-148.

you should weigh about 90-140 if your fat you must weigh 140-160

it should weigh around 3kg newborns weigh about 0.5 kg

If you are 5'1 you should probably weigh 96 pounds.

You should weigh about 103-120 lbs .

they should weigh 60 to 70 pounds

You Should Weigh in 110-140 pounds

You should weigh between 72~88 if you are 4'8

They should weigh around 70 pounds.

here is your answer i weigh at least a little bit over how much you should weigh but the answer is 70-90 pounds.

I think you should weigh about 95 to 105lbs I weigh 97lbs.

There is no such thing as "should" in this question. Weights vary. If your doctor says your aren't to skinny or weigh too much, then that's what you should weigh.

you should weigh about 70 - 78lbs i am eleven and i weigh 75 pounds but if your twelve you should weigh about 80 - 85lbs.

At ten years old you should weigh about sixty pounds. At ten, you should weigh 60-80 lbs.

you should weigh for you size about: 132-174lbs. hope that helped :]

They should weigh around 90-105lbs.

your baby should weigh from 10-15oz.

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