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In practice, between 33-40% in my experience, but here is the official information from the Florida Bar.

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Q: How much should a contingency-based lawyer charge in the state of Florida?
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Is it possible for a birth mother in Florida to get her rights back if the adoption agency lied to her?

Yes, and she should find a good lawyer too.

Do you need a lawyer for assault on a female charge?

You should never go into court without an attorney. Particularly when there are criminal charges involved.

What should you expect if your wife is filing for divorce in Florida and you have two children?

You should expect your wife to have her own lawyer.

Should you get a lawyer for an attempted murder charge?

i believe that anytime you go to court you should retain a lawyer's services,let the lawyer do all of the talking,they are skilled in knowing how to work the legal system to your advantage especially important in criminal court. kw

My landlord is trying to say that she can charge me for inability to re-rent but my lease isn't even up yet when can she charge me for it?

If your lease is not up and you are not in arrears you should be safe. If things get worse see a lawyer.

i am starting a trailer home cleaning business in florida city, florida, i am wondering how much to charge for cleaning a trailor ?

I think you should give an estimate based on the condition of each trailer or just charge a flat rate per hour.

Can you get custody of your daughter back from your mother?

You need the services of a lawyer, not some random person on An initial consultation should be free of charge.

What should a graphic design student charge per hour in Miami Florida?

$25/$35 depending on project

What are some things you should consider when searching for a lawyer?

I would consider the lawyers qualifications, price they charge for their service, what area they specialize in, and where he/she is located compared to you.

Researching Lawyer Fees?

When hiring a lawyer, sometimes people are so stressed out they will hire the first lawyer they see. They may hear about a lawyer in a radio ad or see an online website and think they need a lawyer as soon as possible. The truth is it can be a very wise choice to spend a couple days researching lawyers, before committing to a single one. By researching lawyers, a person can figure out what the lawyer fees are that a law firm or lawyer may have. This is one of the most important things to know before hiring an attorney to work on one's case. Attorney fees can often be astronomical without a person even realizing it. Sometimes, lawyers bill by the hour and charge hundreds of dollars. Some lawyers charge up to five hundred dollars for an hour's worth of work. It can be incredibly expensive to hire a lawyer, and a person should know it is the right investment before jumping in and signing any sort of contract. Sometimes, a lawyer may only charge a flat rate for a service. Finding an attorney that charges only a flat rate can be a wise choice for any person. A person may only need a simple transaction completed by a lawyer, such as the closing on a home. A lawyer may simply charge a low fee for doing such a transaction, rather than charge a client astronomical hourly fees. It can be wise to research which lawyers in a community charge only flat rates, as opposed to lawyers that may charge hourly fees. Even better, sometimes lawyers only charge a fee if one's case is won in court. If a person fails to win his or her case in court, then a lawyer may not charge anything to the person. However, if a person does win his or her case in court, a person should still know what percentage of the winnings a lawyer will take. A lawyer may end up taking a huge portion of the winnings in a case, so it might not be worth it to have a particular lawyer work on a case. A person may be able to find an attorney that charges fees by an hourly basis and does not take a huge chunk of money from a case that is won. Overall, researching lawyer fees is critical for any person looking to hire a lawyer.

How much does a lawyer usually cost for a lawsuit in malpractice?

Lawyers generall charge by the hour and the cost varies with each lawyer. Most of the larger, well-known firms could charge upwards of $200 an hour for services from a partner and slightly less for associates. You should look around before committing to any one firm.

What is a job requirement of a lawyer?

Being a lawyer, you should and good at speaking.

Is it better to get a lawyer for immigration than a notary?

I think you should be a lawyer.

Why should you be a lawyer to a pedophile?

In the hope that the lawyer will talk him into a "guilty" plea!

Is it legal for a restaurant in Florida to charge a mandatory service charge and a gratuity?

Yes, but the gratuity can be disputed by the customer. Ultimately, if a customer does not agree to the restaurant's terms, they simply should not eat there.

What interest and likes a family lawyer should have?

A family lawyer should just be friendly, nice, and good with kids.

To whom should one apply to become a military defense lawyer?

To become a military defense lawyer, you should apply with recruiters via the ROTC program. You do not have to originally be a lawyer first to become a military defense lawyer.

When should one get a car wreck lawyer?

You should get a car wreck lawyer when you have been in a car accident. A lawyer can help you rid of collision conflicts or tickets. You should hire one to prevent your insurance from rising.

How long was Jeff bush mayor of Florida?

We think you are referring to Jeb Bush. He was not the mayor though. He was the governor of Florida from 1999-2007. He is the brother of former president George W. Bush. Also, it should be noted that a mayor is usually in charge of a city or a town. A governor is in charge of a state.

What is the process one should use when selecting a military divorce lawyer?

The process one should use when selecting a military divorce lawyer is contacting any popular lawyer firm and asking them to refer you to a military divorce lawyer.

Is it cheaper to have a lawyer then a lender to process your mortgage?

Your first question should not be who is cheaper but who would represent your legal interests best. You should have your own lawyer.Your first question should not be who is cheaper but who would represent your legal interests best. You should have your own lawyer.Your first question should not be who is cheaper but who would represent your legal interests best. You should have your own lawyer.Your first question should not be who is cheaper but who would represent your legal interests best. You should have your own lawyer.

An aquaintance is facing charges of Assault in the Second Degree How much should they expect to pay a defence lawyer?

My friend was charged with Assault in the 2nd Degree in New York City. The defence lawyer wants to charge a fee of $10,000.00 dollars Is this fee too high?

What if you don't agree with you lawyer for a car accident settlement?

You can get another lawyer. But you should consider that your lawyer MAY know more than you.

Do you have a family lawyer for your family?

I do not have a family lawyer for my family at this time. However, should the conditions change in which a lawyer is required, I will be sure to have one.

Do you need a lawyer for a simple assault charge?

No crime is simple. Yes, you should have an attorney to insure that you are treated properly under the law. If you can not afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you in the US.

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