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How much should a plumber charge to install a water heater?e...


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What he/she quotes you and you agree to. Upon discovery extras are extra.

An electric can be installed by any plumber or smart handyman. A gas one needs a gas fitter.

£50- that is what i charge myself

if you dont know this you should not be a plumber

Labor alone for a residential boiler would be around $800 while a water heater would be around $210-$300. These are typical rates for Connecticut anyway.

Depends on the situation, I would charge 1-2 hours for that, but other equipment can complicate the job. If there are garburators and water filters they often have to be removed and replaced.

That depends on what the problems are. If they are minor, and you have some basic knowledge in water heater repair, then you should manage just fine on your own. If not, call a plumber.

Not really. What is he installing? What are you trying to say? A plumber can install showers and faucets. He can install a faucet in a shower. He can install any plumbing fixture. Also it should be is this sentence written correctly.

Generally it's a 2 hour job, sometimes 3. - So it depends what plumbers in your area charge. Get estimates from 2-3 of them before deciding.

Yes, they cannot or should not ever be repaired=Have a licensed INSURED plumber Replace it=

Not necessarily. They should charge tax on any materials they used, however in most places labor is not taxed. It will depend on your local laws - but usually they should not charge tax on labor provided.

A professional plumber, or at least, someone experienced installing hot water tanks.

More like a plumber. The new disposal should have a plug end on it to plug into a wall outlet

Depends on whether you already purchased it and whether other parts are needed. If you have the toilet, a Kant leak, a wax seal,FLEXIBLE toilet supply, and the (nuts,bolts and washers) for screwing the toilet to the floor flange, plumber should not charge more than one hour of his rate to install it. Make sure the plumber does NOT silicone around the toilet. If there is a leak from the wax seal under the toilet and it is siliconed, the water stays under the toilet and rots the floor, if you are on a wood floor.

There may be something wrong with your water heater. Try turning up your water heater in your house. If that does not work, you should contact either a plumber or someone who works with furnaces and heaters.

No. Plumber should n ot be capitalized because it is not a proper nou n.

Any licensed and insured tradesman should be able to do this: carpenter, plumber, tile layer, etc.

The labor cost to install a float valve in the toilet will depend on the hourly wage of the plumber. The part should take no longer than a hour to replace.

Its a big issue you should call a water heater repair person to solve this issue. As after some time it will damage the water heater so you can call any professional plumber to solve this issue.

he should be certified plumber. or the he should be certified licenced plumber to perfom that job.

You know you need a plumber if you repair whats broken or whats wrong with the sink yourself.The plumber should be certified and come from a reputatable company. you should also ask for references from the plumber if your not sure that they can do the job.

The best place to find a plumber is from your local yellow pages. Your local newspaper classified should have a section of handyman services. But beware of some over charge services, ask for references.

20 years at least, provided the hot water heater is serviced and maintained by a plumber once a year.

You can get a 3/4hp garbage disposal replacement for around $200. It will cost you around $250 for a plumber to install the unit. You should shop around for a good plumber at the lowest price in your area. It isn't a project you should do yourself unless you are fully competent.

Well the first thing I would do is call a service plumber locally and get some bids. Tell them what kind of home you have and they should be able to answer all of your questions and give you a quote over the phone 4 free.

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