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Q: How much should a plumber cost to replace pipes under a house that now have roots in them?
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Who fixes problems with the drains and pipes in your house?

a plumber

How do you reduce air buildup in water pipes?

You should not have air in your pipes. Call a plumber.

What do you call a person who mends water pipes?


Who installs pipes and fixtures?

A plumber.

What occupation installs water pipes?

A plumber installs water pipes.

Who fixed water pipes and drains?

A plumber

Who fit pipes taps and geysers?

It is a plumber.

What do you call a person that can fix your pipes?

a plumber.

What is the orgin of the word plumber?

The name comes from the Latin word for pipes (appropriate, since a plumber works with pipes). Early pipes were made from the metal Lead- and the Latin word for lead is Plumbum.

Why are plumber called plumbers?

From the Latin "plumbum"-lead. A plumber is a person who works with lead. Household pipes used to be made of lead, hence a person who worked on your pipes was a plumber.

How do I keep my sink from building up pressure?

You should check your sink pipes if there is something clogging the pipes and creating that pressure. If you are unable to locate the problems, you should contact a plumber to inspect your sink.

What is a trades person WHO builds heating pipes?

its a plumber