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My 1994 Taurus (a Sable with a different emblem on the hood) gets about 25 MPG, so it should take 49 gallons (plus a couple ounces) to go 1226 miles. Don't know how much gas will cost on the East Coast, but it's still under $2 in the Midwest, so it would cost $95-$100 here.

25 mpg @ $2.00 gal + about $108.00

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Q: How much should it cost for gas to drive a 1994 Mercury Sable from Oak Hill WV to Jacksonville FL and back?
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Does a 1994 mercury sable have front wheel drive?

Yes , a 1994 Mercury Sable is a front wheel drive vehicle

Did the Mercury Sable 2001 ls have all wheel drive?

On a 2001 Mercury Sable : No , just front wheel drive according to my Consumer Guide book

Is Mercury Sable front wheel or rear wheel drive?

Mercury Sables are front-wheel drive.

Where is th transaxle case in 1998 Mercury Sable?

In a 1998 Mercury Sable : The transaxle is the transmission on your front wheel drive Mercury Sable it is located in the engine compartment , on the drivers side , bolted to the engine

Where is the trasmision in 1998 mercury sable?

The transmission ( or in the case of your front wheel drive 1998 Mercury Sable , the " transaxle " ) is located in the engine compartment , on the drivers side , bolted to the engine

Did the 2001 mercury sable ls have 4 wheel drive?

As far as I know just front wheel drive

Are all mercury sables front wheel drive?

On a Mercury Sable : Some model years had an All WHEEL DRIVE system available in addition to the usual front wheel drive

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how far do i drive my mercury la sable ls to reset emmission control computer

Where is the transfer case on a 2000 ford Mercury Sable?

A transfer case is used if a vehicle is all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive capable and is located at the back of the transmission . In a 2000 Mercury Sable the " transaxle " is bolted to the back of the engine towards the drivers side

Does your 94 Mercury Sable have a drive axel?

There are two drive axles - one for each front wheel. These are also known as 'half-axles'.

Where are the drive shafts in a 1994 Mercury Sable with front wheel drive?

The front axles are your "driveshafts" on ALL front wheel drive vehicles. Other wise there are no drive shafts.

Does a 1994 Mercury Sable front wheel drive have drive shaft inside the transmission?

It does not have a drive shaft as such. It has a transaxle which which converts the power of the engine to the wheels. The transaxle also serves as the transmission.

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