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In Canada it's around $1000.

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Q: How much should it cost to get a crown for a lower front tooth?
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How much should it cost to get a crown for a lower back tooth in the USA?

Somewhere in the vicinity of $1200.

What happens if a chunck of your front tooth fell out?

If a chunk of your front tooth falls out, you need to go to a dentist. You should check into various options including a crown or implant.

How much partial lower jaw 4 teeth in front lower with 3 tooth on the back.?

What is the cost of partial denture on the lower jaw, with 4 teeth in front lower and 3 tooth on the back lower.

What care should be taken of a dislodged tooth?

The tooth should be handled carefully; it should be picked up or touched by its crown (the top part of the tooth), not by its root. The tooth should be rinsed and kept moist, but not cleaned or brushed.

What Is an old gold tooth crown worth?

What is an old gold tooth crown worth?

Can you reattach a crown?

A crown is essentially a fake tooth that is placed over a damaged tooth so that full use of the tooth is restored to the patient. If the crown falls off, it can be reattached.

What happens if you do not get a crown after root canal?

usually when you get a root canal there is not much tooth structure remaining and a crown helps support the tooth... so your tooth can break if you dont get a crown

Top of the tooth?


Should 5 year old get there teeth crown?

Yes, if it is the onlly way to save the tooth from rotting Can the tooth just get a fill in

How can you get a cavitiy under a crown?

When you have a dental crown, it is less common to have a cavity on the tooth because it is protected. However, the place where the crown meets the tooth can still get a cavity, that is why hygiene is important even though a crown is on the tooth, especially flossing. The two ways to get a cavity under a crown are:A cavity started between the crown and the tooth at the gum level.There was a cavity left on the tooth when the crown was put (more rare).

Should you be able to see an old dead tooth after a crown has been fitted over it?

if the crown is tight, be sure to keep the exposed tooth clean by daily brushing and flossing. its probably the root you are seeing and not the top of the tooth as it is reduced to a "peg" during crown preparation. Absolutely not, the whole idea of a crown is to make it look like a new tooth. It should look natural and nothing should show between the crown and the gum. The tooth that was prepared for crowing oviously had problems. Discoloration is common for teeth, especially around areas of decay. What your seeing is probally root structure. A common problem with crowning a tooth is the lab technician makes a crown that is too "bulky" at the tissue area, this in return causes "blanching" of the tissue. When blanching occurs the blood supply is blocked to the tissue area around the tooth, which will cause the tissue to die and recede away from that area. you can probally see the crown where it meets the tooth and think it is not covered but the area that was ground down is covered. If the area is in the front of the mouth you might want to refer to your doctor about a new or different approach.

The section of the tooth beneath the enamel on the crown of the tooth is the?


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