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An average height for a 12 years old girl is 60-63 inches. The recommended weight at this height would be 95-105 lbs.

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I think you should weigh about 95 to 105lbs I weigh 97lbs.

here is your answer i weigh at least a little bit over how much you should weigh but the answer is 70-90 pounds.

At ten years old you should weigh about sixty pounds. At ten, you should weigh 60-80 lbs.

Well I'm 5'4 and 12 years old and i weigh 114 lb but for your height you should weigh about 110 lb

It depends on how tall you are.

She should normally weigh 11-14 kg / 24-30 pounds

im 12 years old and i weigh 53 kg and about 5,1 tall is that normal for my age?

Your age has nothing to do with what you should weigh. Your height is what is used to determine if you are of average weight.

If you are 12 years old, you should weigh about 112 to 115 LBS.

A 18 year old girl should weigh anywhere from 120-200.

How much a women at 35 years old weight and is 57

A 12 years old with that height could weigh around 100lbs.

The answer depends on how old "A A years" is!

Its not good to weigh that much at your age . If you are nine years old and are average height you should weigh about 90-100 pounds. But your weight will depend on your shape, and how physically active you are.

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