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alot it depends if the person has had a cold or not

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Q: How much snot does the average person produce a year?
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How much snot does an average person produce in a year?

A person can produce 1/2 a cup of snot a day, not during allergy season or with a winter cold. During a winter cold, up to 3 cups a day, and during allergy season, up to 5 cups a day. lol. Do the math.

How much boogers does a person produce in a lifetime?

The average person produces about 3 cups of snot if they have the common cold during the winter. lol.

How many gallons of snot can your body hold?

it can produce more than 200,000,000 gallons of snot per year

How much snot does the human body produce during a cold?

During a cold, the human body can produce around 1 to 1.5 liters of mucus each day. This increased production is a result of the body's immune response to the virus, aimed at trapping and removing pathogens from the respiratory system.

Who is a big snot?

It is not appropriate to refer to others in a derogatory way. Can I help you with something else?

What did the Egyptians think that the brain sole purpose was?

The egyptians believed that the brains job was to produce snot! Because when they were mummifing and they pulled the brain out snot came out with it!

How is a virus spread from place to place and person to person?

germs spread by cough, snezze, snot.

How much does the earth weigh in snot?

One TerraSnot

Why does my poppet have snot coming out of her nose?

because you are feeding it too much to stop from snot coming out of its nose tickle it add me mawymonster and maddie_lily

Can a baby's snot be harmful if it enters a person's nose?

I dont think so

Where does all the moisture from snot come from?

eat snot eat snot

Do girls get snot in them?

The female sinus is much the same as the male sinus.