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How much snow does Mount Washington have on it today?


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Mount Washington has a base of 50 cm. Last night they got 25 cm. They have a web site that tells current snow conditions. Check the Mount Washington website for details of current snow totals.

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It usually snows so much on Mount Washington because the mountain is tall and the temperatures on the peak are very cold.

Snow doesn't tend to accumulate on "the rock" because the wind quickly blows it off the summit. You can check on the current conditions though at the related link.

On average, Mount Washington receives at least .1 inches of snow 118 days out of the year. This New Hampshire mountain sees over 40 inches of snow from December through March.

This will obviously vary through time. Refer to the related link, however, for an up-to-date reading of snow depth and recent snow fall.

Mount Rainer in Washington is covered in permanent snow and ice.

Well at this very moment they say it has About 699 cm OS snow. 22 feet, and is calling for ALOT more, so my guess is they can get alot of snow. :) But the snow they have now, i heard is a record of most snow in a log time.

that is impossible to answer unless you knew how much snow was on mount. everst

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Snow falls on and around Mount Everest a lot. There is probably not many days when it does not snow there.

Over time the only way Mount Everest has changed is by climate change. Today there is not as much snow and less glaciers than there were say 50 years ago.

Yes, in the winter there can be snow on Mount Rushmore.

It weighs roughly a trillion tons

Mount Baker, Washington where 1,140 inches of snow fell in a single season. This is the world's record for largest snowfall in a single season.

The main changes in Mount Everest today is that the glaciers and snow is melting at a faster rate then people thought, also there are many more people on the mountain.

yes it will snow about 5 to 10 cm or more

The snow line for mount Everest is 5,200 meters (mount Everest is 8848)

Today, May 21, 2010, exactly 00.00000" of snow fell in Chicago, IL.

There is snow all the way up to the summit but over the years climbers have said there is not as much snow there as there used to be.

Mount Wellington, in Tasmania, frequently has snow during winter.

The snow and ice would melt and mix with the ash from the eruption, forming mudflows called lahars. The could devastate communities surrounding Mount Rainier.

Mount Everest is covered in snow and ice on its summit.

snow leopards don't live on mount everest

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