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Google it. It's actually quite lame that you would want to know anyways.. Lady Gaga fails.

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The songs composed by Lady GaGa was Electric Kiss and Captivated.

none,lady gaga writes her own songs

lady gaga sings pop songs

Lady Gaga currently has 25 songs. INCLUDING TELEPHONE AND POKERFACE

i think lady gaga is the best i love her songs

Before she was famous Lady Gaga wrote a couple of songs for the Pussycat Dolls.

Lady Gaga writes most if not all of her songs herself. lady gaga started out writing songs for other stars then she became lady gaga when she begain singing so i think she rights all her songs herself

Lady Gaga writes all of her own songs.

yes because lady gaga is a swewting person

They are all stupid, seeing as they are by Lady Gaga, and yes they are inappropriate as well.

Yes, Lady Gaga does curse in her music and throughout normal speech.

Lady Gaga writes most of her own songs. Except for her song Telephone, Lady Gaga and Beyonce wrote it together and sang it together.

Lady Gaga songs are available to listeners on the Myspace website. A range of her songs are offered at no charge on this website including "Born This Way".

Ask Lady Gaga how much houses she has.

i say Pink, because, no offence to lady gaga (who i like just as much as Pink) but all her songs sound pretty much the same. and Pink's songs actually have a meaning, whereas Lady Gaga's songs are all about getting drunk and whatever. but that's just my opinion You rock Lady GaGa shot 123 people. She just broke the record of most people shot.

Lady Gaga wrote the song Quicksand for Britney Spears and wrote a few songs for the Pussy Cat Dolls.

Artists use swearing in their songs to express how they are feeling, so Lady Gaga was most likely using it to get across how she was feeling.

No, Lady Gaga is not for children. She has some reactions in her songs that are not nice, and she can also use swear words. Children shouldn't listen to Lady Gaga.

Because that's her thing, Gaga, like Jason Derulo always says his name in his songs.

she is famous for her songs and songwriting

Lady Gaga has 41 songs on her 3 CDs (The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way) but she also has alot of songs not on her Cds

lady gaga can sing live if you go one her live songs shes brillant

Yes! Lady GaGa is a vocal singer she has gotten lots of nominies and hit songs

None of Lady Gaga's songs are a remake.

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