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Q: How much sugar is in splenda?
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Is Splenda a reducing sugar?

No Splenda is not a reducing sugar.

What is better sugar or splenda?

Splenda is sweeter, but sugar is healthier. Splenda is 180 times as sweet as sugar.

How many carbs are in 1 cup splenda brown sugar?

There are about 192 grams of carbohydrate in 1 cup of Splenda Brown Sugar. That's about the same as regular sugar, but you only use half as much of the Splenda Brown Sugar for the same amount of sweetening in your recipe.

Equal or Splenda how much equals 1 tablespoon sugar?

i have a splenda bag and they say that it is a 1:1 ratio, meaning 1 tablespoon sugar =1 tablespoon splenda, and that it can be used to replace sugar in any recipe. By volume it's the same ratio, but is different by weight, because splenda is lighter.

Substituting splenda for sugar in baking?

Splenda can be substituted for sugar anytime. Put in the same amount of splenda that the recipe calls for sugar. Example: If the recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar and you want to use splenda just use one cup of splenda instead of the sugar. Happy cooking!

How can you use Splenda in a cheesecake?

You can replace the sugar in the recipe for Splenda, which is a sugar substitute.

What melts in ice faster splenda or sugar?

Splenda because it has more chemicals in it,then regular sugar which is more natural than Splenda.

Cup of sugar how much Splenda?

1/2 cup of spenda

How much splenda equals 1 pound sugar?


How many grams of sugar are in a packet of Splenda?

The above is total nonsense. 1g of Splenda contains .95 grams of dextrose and maltodextrin, both with a glycemic index of 105 (gets into your blood as glucose faster than table sugar with a glycemic index of 100). So, if you count maltodextrin as a sugar (really a sugar polymer), it's 95% sugar and 5% sucralose.

Is splenda better than equal?

yes there is no sugar in splenda.

Is there aspartame in splenda?

No, the artificial sugar used in splenda is sucralose.

How much splenda packets equal 1 cup of sugar?

24 packets.

How much splenda to use in ice cream?

Identical to ordinary sugar. However Splenda tastes more bitter to me than sweet, I won't us any.

What is the Difference between Table sugar and Splenda?

Splenda is all artificial

Does splenda contain aspartame?

No. Splenda does not contain aspartame but it is a chemical alteration of the sugar molecule.

What is splenda made of?

I think that splenda is still sugar, but the bad sugar is extracted out of it using certain chemicals and processes, so sugar could be the anwer.

What is the difference between white sugar and splenda sugar?

Splenda is a sugar-substitute, and it is not real sugar, technically speaking. While both types of sweetners will eventually have the same effect and almost identical tastes, the artificial sweetner (splenda) will have significantly less calories in it.

What happens when you mix water with splenda?

You basically just get sugar water. splenda is basically an artificial sugar and it reacts the same.

1 cup splenda equals how many cups of sugar?

1 cup of splenda equals 2 cups sugar

What is the boiling point of water AND splenda?

it takes a longer time to boil than just water and sugar, because of the other chemicals added to splenda. The splenda reacts slower than the sugar.

How can you make bread without using sugar Can I use splenda or And how much or something else?

you don't need sugar to make bread.

How many splenda packets equals sugar sweetness?

twenty-four packets of splenda equals the sweetness of one cup of sugar.

Can Splenda be used in place of sugar in a pie or cake recipe?

Splenda can be used in place of sugar, but be prepared to tweak the recipie considerably.

How much sugar and splenda needed to make blend?

It depends on what you want the mix to be of and how swet you want it to be.