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How much the tuition for students out of state in yale?

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its 52,550 for everything

45990 for tuition, room and board for SY 08-09

Harvard, with tuition of $48,868, versus a Yale tuition of $47,500.

The tuition at Yale is 60,900 dollars a year. 44,000 is the base tuition, the rest is for room, board and books.

Yale did not yet have a tuition in 1636 as the school did not exist! It was founded in 1701 under the name "The Collegiate School", and only became known as "Yale" in 1718.

Jake was accepted into Yale, but the tuition was too high and he did not have enough money, so instead, he went to Ohio State.

The nicknames "Elis"[7][8][9] (after Elihu Yale) and "Yalies"[10] are often used, both within and outside Yale, to refer to Yale students.

Yale university has 12,495 students today February 26,2010

Yale University has a total student body of 12,223, of which 5,414 are undergraduate students, and 6,809 postgraduate students. Yale was founded in 1701.

Practically all of them. Yale does not take students who are not likely to graduate.

There are an estimated 11,875 students that attend Yale each year. Yale is one of the top colleges in the United States.

Eli is a nickname for a Yale University athlete (or student).

Connecticut is the state in which Yale University is located.

Yale tuition is about $39,000, and then you include room fees and other things it adds up to about $50,500 or something. But, the good thing is that their financial aid is really good.

Students from Yale are called yalies. What are cambridge students called?

Yale is in Connecticut.

At Yale University, most freshmen live in suites that are shared with several other students.

no, that is not true... Undergraduate students*5,247Graduate and professional students*6,169

Yale UniversityNew Haven, ConnecticutAnnual College Costs (Fall 2009)Tuition and fees: $36,500Room and board: $11,000Books and supplies: $3,000Estimated personal expenses: $2,050

In the 2011-2012 admissions cycle, the median GPA (unweighted) of students admitted to Yale was 4.00. This means that 4.00 was the most common GPA to show up among students who were accepted to Yale that year.

Yes and no.If you are a high school senior looking to apply to Yale, you'll discover that they have no undergraduate scholarships. Here's a quote from their website: "Yale awards no merit scholarships and no athletic scholarships - all financial aid is based solely on demonstrated need." However, you might be surprised to discover that many of the Ivies, including Yale have sweetened their financial aid offerings.Families with an income of $60,000 or less and $100,000 or less in assets will pay no tuition. Because everyone's case is different, you will have to contact Yale. However, even families with an income of $180,000 and assets of less than $200,000 will pay only $11,650 in tuition. There are also many outside scholarships that you can earn based on scholarship, community service and athletics and many of them can be used to pay you tuition at Yale. Sign up for the ScholarshipMentor newsletter ( and get monthly lists of scholarships and tips on how to win them. Finally, yes. Yale does give scholarships to graduate students. The school of management has 34 scholarships. In addition, Yale give scholarship money to current students. For instance, there is the Barry Goldwater Scholarship for Sophomores and Juniors (at Yale) who intend to pursue careers in mathematics, engineering or the natural sciences. There are other scholarships that Yale gives, but you have to have your foot in the door to get them.

you have to be picked out of a lot of students based on grades and scholarships

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