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I would start by placeing the five pound bag at the bottom of the cage marking the height of the seed, carefully remove the bag as not to puncture it. Mark your calander,When droppings begin to reach the height mark it may be time to purchase another bag. Check your calander an wala.

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Should you buy a 5 year lutino cockatiel or a baby cockatiel?

I would recommend you buy a baby cockatiel. That way it would be more likely to bond with you.

Why would a cockatiel shiver?

They are cold

Would a budgie and a cockatiel do well together w?

A budgie and a cockatiel are all right together in an aviary. It would be better for them to not be together in a small, indoor cage.

Does a old macaw cage make a good cockatiel cage?

The spaces between the bars are probably too wide for a cockatiel. It would be able to get through them.

How long will it take for a cockatiel to be used to you?

It depends on the cockatiel, and it depends on the owner. I would say if you let it warm up to you and if you try to give it treats and sing and/or talk to it in a calm voice it would be from 1 week-5 weeks. If it was hand-fed and cared for by humans as a chick then it would be sooner than a wild cockatiel. It also is very dependent on the cockatiel's personality. Cockatiels have varied personalities just like people, so you would have to know the cockatiel personally.

What is the most common bird?

for a pet bird, i would probably say that it would be a cockatiel or a parakeet

Why would one cockatiel peck at another cockatiel head?

Cockatiels preen each other. This may appear as though thy are pecking at each other's heads.

A sentence using consume?

She would consume everything she touches.

How do you know when your cockatiel likes you?

Well, it isn't really a matter of a cockatiel liking you or not. It is a matter of a cockatiel trusting and loving you. You can offer them treats, sing them songs, and talk to them to quicken up the speed of their trust. If your cockatiel chirps when you leave the room, runs to the front of the cage when you enter the room, or flies to you when he is sitting on a perch, those are signs that your cockatiel would rather be with you than anywhere else. Congrats! You have awarded your cockatiels trust and love.

Why is your cockatiel not very tame?

Cockatiels are wild birds so if they were never tamed when they were young, they will still be untame. It is easier to tame a young cockatiel, however with the right attitude, you can tame an adult cockatiel. You have to start with trust. Taming a cockatiel take a while and one wrong move could ruin all your work. Start with standing next to the cage and talking to your bird. Do this for about a week so your cockatiel gets to know your voice and is calmer around you. Then you could try putting a fresh vegetable (in your hand) next to the cockatiel and hold it there. Don't force the cockatiel to get closer to your hand - this will scare him/her. You need to earn trust. Eventually, your cockatiel will be comfortable with you having your hand near him/her. If you cockatiel is comfortable to actually eat from your hand, you can try picking it up. Do not grab our cockatiel on its back, try to persuade him/her to sit on your finger. Do not force your cockatiel to get onto your hand. This will ruin the trust. Eventually your cockatiel will be ready to sit on your finger and eventually your shoulder! It's all about trust and if you're cockatiel trusts you, it would love to sit on your shoulder!

How much would a Yorkshire Terrier weigh fullgrown if he is 7 weeks old and weighs 1.4 now?

He should be around 6 pounds, to 8 pounds.

Can cockatiels sit on bluebird eggs and raise them?

Well, it depends on if the cockatiel is willing to raise the egg that is obviously not it's egg. If it is, then the bluebird chick will learn how to live life as a cockatiel. The bluebird will never have a crest, but it will learn the cockatiel's language as it's own and think it is a cockatiel because that is the type of bird it is living with. However, if you had a wild cockatiel and you set a bluebird egg in with the other eggs, the cockatiel would reject the eggs because they do not look right or smell right, and would drop the egg out of the nest. I hope that answered your question. :) - Emily Sage

Do ants consume lizards?

no they don't the ant would be to small to consume lizerds

Does Sheamus take steriods?

No, Sheamus doesn't consume steroids because if he would consume it, he would have quit out of the WWE or they might have chased him.

How would you put consume in a sentence?

Like "I can consume a whole bag of chips in ten minutes."

Why do cockatiel birds sit with their back to you?

It means it's frightened. A cockatiel sitting with its back to you is not usually frightened, as a frightened bird is more likely to flap and cower in a corner, keeping its eyes on you, rather than turning its back to you, which would render it vulnerable to predation. If a cockatiel sits with its back to you, it can mean the bird is distressed or ill. It can also mean the bird is, quite simply, sulking. Cockatiels bond strongly to their owners, and if a new pet is introduced, or something unusual happens in the household, a cockatiel will sometimes react in a seemingly human way - by sulking.

Your cockatiel laid eggs but did not matewill the eggs hatch?

Yes, if the eggs are healthy. I would recommend taking them to your vet.

How much water will each astronaut consume per day?

As much as they would consume per day on Earth.

How much milk should teens consume?

if your a teen then you would have to consume a cup or 2 a day to get your daily fill im a teen so i would know

How do you use the word to consume in a sentence?

Example sentences:"He meant to consume the burger, but suddenly lost his appetite.""She was going to consume his heart with all her love, so he would not deny her."

Can you consume the element lead?

no you would die its a poisness

What birds can you safely keep in the same cage with a cockatiel?

Basically, cockatiels are better off alone in their own cage. You never know if your cockatiel would rather be alone in his own cage, or have a roomie. If you don't have a lot of time to spend with your cockatiel, then maybe you should think about getting a second cockatiel to keep each other company while you are away at work, school, ext. But on the other hand, if you have lots of time to spend with him, you should just let him have the whole cage to live in by himself. If you absolutely need to room your cockatiel with a pal, it will double the cost of the cage, toys, and food. Be responsible, and have fun with your baby(ies).

How much carolies a person have to eat per day?

for a average female she would need to consume 2000 calories a day. For a average male he would need to consume 2500 calories a day. For a child aged five to ten they would need to consume 1800 calories a day

What would be the biscuit NZ consume 60 million a year?

New Zealanders consume over 60 million Gingernuts a year.

Should you get your male cockatiel a mate?

well if your not home all of the time,your bird might get lonely. I think it would be a good idea.