Concrete and Cement

How much to charge for concrete floor what would i charge for labor and what should materuals cost be for a floor 6foot x 35 foot how much concrete?



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Depends on how thick the concrete is. Typically, for a floor that that won't be holding a lot of weight, it would only be poured 2x4 thick, so that would be 3.5 inches thick.

To figure it out, take (.292 x 6 x 35) / 27. 27 is (3x3x3) or 1 cubic yard. In this case, you'd need a little over 2 and a quarter yards of concrete. Figure on $100 per least that's what we pay around here.

For the grading, my crew normally charges $50 hour.

If you need gravel brought in, that will run you $10 - $15 per cubic yard.

Labor - $2 / Sq. Foot.

This is very general. So, in this case, depending on who is doing your work, you're looking at probably 4 hours of grading - $200.

2 yards of gravel - $30

Labor $420

Extras - Rebar, mesh, curing compound - $100.

Concrete, $250

So, $200+$30+$420+$100+$250 = $1,000.

I typically add 15% on to rough estimates like this though, counting for the contractors tools, gas, travel, etc. I'd say, ball park, $1,150.