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a lot :)

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Q: How much toxic pollution is released from landfills?
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How do sanitary landfills limit the amount of pollution?

Landfills use chemicals to break down material but pollution is based really on how much we see. So landfills solve the problem by putting our garbage in places that are useless for anything else.

What are you doing to stop soil pollution?

I am not doing very much. I do recycle so I contribute less waste to landfills... I guess that's something.

What can the textile industry do to prevent pollution?

The textile industry can embrace the use of renewable energy sources as a way of preventing pollution. It can also dispose of toxic wastes much more carefully.

How much land is covered in landfills?

About .02%

Who or what was affected by landfills?

Pretty much everyone.

How much garbage in landfills is paper?


How does landfills help the environment?

Recycling can reduce the number of landfills by not having as much glass/ plastic produces in them.

How much land does landfills take up?


How much paper ends up in landfills?


How much glass is in America's landfills?

9000000000 liters

How much do landfills cost?

A Godamn Lot !!!!! A Fair bit!!!!!!

How much pollution do tourists make a year?

They do as much pollution as much the locals do.