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How much training is there to become an RN?

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what is the difference between cna training and rn training?

CNA is a much shorter amount of training and you wouldn't be able to do all the things a RN does. Many people become CNA's on the way to getting their RN because it is a good way to get on the job experience.

What exactly does it mean to be rn trained?

To be rn trained is to go through nursing school or a nursing training course to become a certified nurse. An RN is a certified nurse. There are places all over the US that have RN training and schools to go to.

Training and education required to become a cardiac nurse specialist?

To become a cardiac nursespecialist, or cardiovascular nurse of musteither get education and training as an RN or have a masters in cardiac medicinedo externship as an RNGo through training to become a cardiac nurse specialistdo extrenship as a cardiac nurse specialist

What exactly is an RN certification?

RN stands for Registered Nursing. A RN Certificate generally means that a applicant has passed the training and testing required to become a registered nurse.

What education and training is required to become a hospice nurse?

The normal training would be an RN and several weeks of orientation.

Can you become a RN if you have herpes?

You can become a RN if you have herpes.

What exactly is nursing LPN training?

Nursing LPN training helps you get certified as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Since the training can be completed in less than a year you can become a nurse much quicker going this route as opposed to becoming an RN.

Where can you work as a RN?

You have to have a specialized license and training to work as an RN.

What school can I attend to receive RN training?

The University of Washington Medical Center offers an amazing RN training program. You can also find RN training at many local community colleges.

How much education does it take to become a rn?

I believe thru a nursing school you can get to RN in 2-3 years

How does RN training differ from LVN Training?

RN training takes one to two years longer than LVN training an goes more in depth into nursing skills. LVN's learn basic nursing skills like taking vitals and handling patients. RNs have greater responsibility and more involvement with complex medical procedures. RN training prepares them for this. LVN training is more introductory than RN training. RN training builds on the skills you learn as LVN.

Where can I get RN training classes in my area?

To find RN classes near you first locate colleges or training schools near you. Then call them to find out what you need to do to apply for their RN program.

Can I take rn training online?

RN training is available online, however you will need to complete live coursework such as rotations and internships.

Where can I find information on RN training?

You can find information on RN training by visiting You can search for colleges that off nursing classes by visiting

Without being a CNA can you become an RN?

Yes. There is no relationship between the training between becoming a CNA and an RN. There is nothing to prevent a CNA from becoming an RN. Being a CNA first may give you a picture of the field. Still it is not a requirement.

What steps are needed to take to become a RN?

What steps are needed to take to become a RN?

If you are already an RN how much schooling is required to become a doctor?

4 years

How can a RN become a Paramedic also?

In order to become a paramedic if you are already an RN then you will need these documents, copy of current RN license, documentation of your original training, documentation of colmpletion of field internship, and it is recommended to complete these courses: ACLS, BCLS, PHTLS/BTLS and PEPP/PALS . Altogether cost will run you $130.

What license and certification is required to become an RN..and what is an rn duites?

Yes you have to have a licenes if u dnt how kan u become an rn

In Pennsylvania, are there any LPN jobs that offer RN training while you work?

Unfortunately, there is no LPN jobs that offer RN training while you work

If you're a medical assistant and want to become an RN do you have to be an LVN first?

No, not at all. You can go to college and become an RN just as any other RN does.

Whats the difference between rn and an LPN?

an RN has more training than an LPN but the RN is allowed to do more things than an LPN is.

How long do you have to be in training for your RN?

It takes 4 years.

Where can I find rn training schools in florida?

Some great rn training schools in florida are: Miami Dade College, University of Florida and University of central Florida.

How many years of college to be a registered nurse?

You don't need any. You can become a licensed registered nurse by completing a diploma/certificate program through a qualified hospital training program. After completing the program if you take and pass your NCLEX-RN exam you will become a licensed RN.

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