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A 1997 Chevrolet Suburban will hold approximately 4 quarts of Transmission Fluid. This fluid can be purchased at any auto parts store such as NAPA.

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Q: How much trans fluid capacity can a 1997 Chevy suburban?
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What kind of Transmission fluid does a 2004 Chevy Suburban take?

You must use-- DEXRON III Trans. fluid

Chevy Suburban transmission fluid leaking into radiator?

the trans fluid on a auto trans goes through a tube in the radiator to cool the fluid if the tube has holes in it, it will leak trans fluid in to radiator. you need to replace radiator or have rebuilt.or you could put on a aux trans cooler and put plugs where the trans lines used to go.

What is the fluid capacity for a 96 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 transmission?

Will a 1996 4l60e 4x4 trans fit in pace of a 1995 4l60e 4x4 trans

Will a 1993 Chevy suburban trans fit in a 1996 gm suburban?

Yes it will if there both 4x4 Transmissions.

How do you fill trans fluid on 1995 suburban?

Fill it at the same place you check the fluid level.

What is the pink fluid leaking under your suburban?

trans fluid,power steering fluid,dex-cool antifreeze

What is the towing capacity of the 1995 Chevy silerado 2500 with the 454 engine?

i have a 96 suburban with the same engine,owners manual says 7500 lbs (4l80 trans)

Where is the transmission drain plug for 1994 Chevy suburban?

It does not have one. You have to remove the transmission pan that is bolted to the bottom of the trans. Be sure to have a big drain pan to catch the fluid. The only thing that will come out is fluid.

What type of fluid goes in a 94' GMC Suburban 4x4 trans case?

Dextron tranny fluid

What grade of manual trans fluid for 1995 Chevy s10 pickup?

automatic trans fluid. Mercon works fine.

What size transmission is in a 1994 Chevy Suburban 1500 2Wd?

That would be the 4L60E trans.

What trans fluid do you need for 1988 Chevy 1500 truck?


Whats the trans fluid capacity for a 1999 Dodge Dakota with a V6 3.9?

manual trans 3.27qts

Where do you put in trans fluid 1996 Chevy blazer?

You add fluid the same place you check the fluid level.

What trans fluid do you use in a 90 Chevy truck?


What kind of trans fluid for 1988 Chevy cavalier 5 speed?

synchromesh its a dealer only fluid.

What type of trans fluid does a Chevy 2004 tracker use?

A 2004 Chevy Tracker uses standard Dextron ATF transmission fluid. This transmission fluid is used extensively among Chevy automatic transmissions.

What is trans fluid capacity for 1987 f350 4x4?

The 1987 Ford F3 50 transmission fluid capacity is 8.3 quarts. You can check the transmission fluid level with the transmission dipstick.

What is the trans fluid capacity in a 94 galant?

4.2 quarts with filter change.

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 94 Chevy barette car?

where you check your trans fluid you have to use a funnel tho you don't want trans fluid all over Ur engine compartment

Capacity of transmission fluid for 2001 Chevrolet 2500hd with Allison transmission?

how much trans fluid from empty to full

What is the transmission fluid capacity of a 2006 Sprinter van?

Approx 9 quarts of Sprinter/Crossfire trans fluid.

What trans fluid do you use for a 90 Chevy truck?

Dextron II--ATF

What type of transmission fluid does a 1992 Chevy Corsica use?

It uses DEXTRON III automatic trans fluid.

What kind of transmission fluid is needed for a 1995 Chevy s-10 standard?