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How much transmission fluid in a manual transmission 1996 Nissan 200sx?


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how do i fill my trans fluid in 1996 nissan 200sx 1.6 l manuel trans


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You add fluid at the same place you check it.

how do you change the transmossion fluid in a manual nissan altima se?

Only use what is specified in the user's manual. For manual, use Nissan Matic D; for automatic, use Nissan Automatic Transmission fluid. Dextron is also an okay choice per the manual.

there is no fluid for a manual transmission

nissan matic d for auto trans and 75w90 for manual trans

how do you check your transmission fluid in the nissan murano

You can use any SAE certified manual transmission fluid in your 1996 Ford manual transmission. Make sure you use manual transmission fluid and not automatic transmission fluid.

How do you add transmission fluid to a Nissan Altima with standard transmission?

06 nissan pathfinder type of transmission fluid

According to the Owner's Manual, Nissan ATF only.

Manual transmission fluid is MERCON automatic transmission fluid.

I dont think manual transmission cars use transmission fluid.

there should be a fill plug on the side of the transmission case. its a bolt the size of a quarter.

Use only what Nissan recommends which is Nissan Matic K or Dexron II. This is listed in your owners manual and possibly on the transmission dip stick.

You can use any SAE certified transmission fluid in your 1998 Ford escort manual transmission. Make sure the transmission fluid is for your manual transmission and not an automatic transmission.

you cant check the transmission fluid on any manual transmission

Where do I add transmission fluid to a 1994 Ford explorer with a manual transmission?

When lube runs out the fill hole it is full.

Honda manual transmission fluid, from the dealer.

How do you check manual transmission fluid KIA sophia

According to the 2002 Ford Mustang Owner Guide : 3.8 liter manual transmission fluid ( Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid ) 4.6 liter manual transmission fluid ( Motorcraft synthetic MERCON automatic transmission fluid )

What type of transmission fluid needed for 2006 nissan maxima

In my grand am se I have to take it to a shop and they have to check the tranny fluid with a analizer. ya.

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