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How much trash does the US produce?

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none of these awnsers are true:(

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How much trash do you produce as individuals?

as an individuals we produce 15 lbs of trash in a day iz

How much trash does the US produce in a year?

Between 195-210 billion tons a year.

What percent of the world's trash does the US produce?


How much trash does America produce in a year?

They produce 195 million tons of garbage!

How much trash does China produce annually?

5 basillion tons

How much trash do you produce in a day?

5lbs per person per day

Does Texas produce more fuel from trash than any other state in the US.?

Yes, Texas produces more fuel from trash than any other US state.

What is done with most trash?

In the US, trash that is not recycled is usually incinerated and made to produce electricity or landfilled. Over time, landfills will produce methane gas that can also be captured and used to fire generators for electricity.

How much trash does one person produce in one year?

it depends on how much a person eats or if the person recycles

How much trash do people make in a year?

We produce about 195 million tons of garbage a year!

Does each person in New York City produce more or less trash today?

more people produce more trash everyday by throwing it on the floor and people has to pick up trash after them.

How much trash does one person produce per day?

about 82% of recycle able trash is thrown out in one day. each person throws out about 90% of recyclable trash up to 4-5 pounds of it every day.

Which country produces the least amount of trash each and how much?

Canada is the country that produces the least amount of trash. Canada only produces 12.2 tons of trash yearly. The second is Kandhar. They produce 16 tons of waste yearly.

How much trash does an American produce in a day?

On average, an American produces 4.6 pounds a day. This totals to 230 million tons of trash a year-- enough to fill 108,000 garbage trucks.

How many pounds of trash does the world produce in a year?

1,691,185,813,350 this is approximately 1.7 trillion pounds of trash.

How much trash is on your beaches?

A meriad of trash.

How much carbon emission does the US produce?

Too much

How much energy does solar produce?

solar produce us infinity engergy.

How much crude oil does the US produce?

I believe the US produce around abouts 10% of the worlds oil.

How much water does the US pollute?

the us pollutes about 54 billion in weight of trash , empty oil tanks, and more

How much do trash bags cost?

ABout 5.00 (US)/small box 30 g size.

How can humans reduce the number of landfills?

produce less trash

How much geothermal energy does US produce?


Is Brazil produce much coffee than the US?

Brazil produces more coffee than any country in the world. The US does not produce very much at all.

How much polution is in a square mile?

That depends on how much trash there is. Because the sq. mile of trash could be scattered everywhere and not in a pile, or it could be in a huge pile of trash or a mountain of trash.