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How much value is on a Deutsche Werke gun 635mm?


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The Blue Book suggests a value of $100 in 60% condition , $145 in 90%, or $275 in 100% new condition.


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$150 to $250 depending on condition.....

The Deutsche Mark was superseded by the Euro in 2002.

i have a zehn deutsche mark from 1977 and i wanted to know how much its worth?

1 DM (deutsche Mark) = ca. 0.48 € (Euro)

If it's from circulation, $2.50 to $4.00 at retail. If it's in like-new condition that value could go up to as much as $60 depending on the mint mark.

I just bought one for $225.00 (12/14/07) in good condition (for an 85 year old pistol) with an after market magazine instead of the OEM. I have seen them on gun sale web sites for as much as $500. There are some tricks to disassemble and reassemble the pistol and to remove and install the handgrips. Damaged handgrips are a sign that the previous owner applied force instead of intelligence.

. A 5 Deutsche Mark coin is worth $3.27 USD as of 4/24/12.

The Deutsche mark was worth $1.65 US dollars in 1992. 10 Deutsche marks would have been $16.50 in the United States.

German - Bayerische Motoren Werke English - Bavarian Motor Works

It's a coin that was in regular circulation up until the euro was introduced in 2002. In average condition it has no extra value, and might retail for 75¢ to a dollar. A nice uncirculated one could sell for as much as $3 (€2)

The Deutsche Mark is no longer in use, having been replaced in 2002 by the Euro. However, the Deutsche Bundesbank (the central bank of Germany) will exchange them (except for the 1948 50 Deutsche Mark bill and the 1951 2 Deutsche Mark coin, both of which were demonetized about 50 years ago) for Euros at a rate of 0.51129 Euros per Deutsche Mark. This equates to 40.90 Euros. As of March 5, 2009, this is the equivalent of 36.41 British Pounds. More information on exchanging Deutsche Marks can be found at:

Yesterday, I found one in a gun show with an asking price of $325.00. I offered the guy $250.00 and he took it. I don't know whether I paid too much, but I like the gun. It is like new, in the box, with manual, and 2nd magazine. It is a nice Erma Werke replica of a Walther P38. The price I paid is a fair indicator of market value, because I was willing to pay that price for it.

If its date is from the 1950s to the 1990s it's unlikely to have much extra value. These were common circulation coins until 2002 when Germany switched to the euro. They were worth about $1 at that time. If your coin is older please post a new, separate question with the coin's date.

Not much, the coin you're describing is a 2 Mark coin, of which millions were in circulation. Unless it is in "mint uncirculated" condition, its value is purely as a curiosity, since the Deutsche Mark was replaced by the Euro.

It was 5 Euro at the time of conversion. You might still get that for it if you exchange it.

it worth around £15/£150 all depends on the grade

Cash Value : about half a Euro. A one-mark German coin has a value based on the old exchange rate with the Euro. In 2002, the old Deutschemarks were invalidated as legal tender, but marks were exchangeable at the rate of 1.95583 Marks per Euro, which was set in 1999. So the coin may have more or less value as a collectible than if redeemed for Euros.

How much PH value in Curd

Usually between $6 and $15 depending on condition and mint mark

a two mark costed about 3 dollars back in 1969.

The one Deutsche Mark (1 DM) coin was made of copper, nickel and zinc. The 5 DM Coins made before 1975 were made entirely of silver. The 10 DM coins also contained some silver. However, since Germany has been part of the Eurozone since 2002, the Deutsche Mark is no longer made and is not legal tender.

Assuming you have a bill rather than coins, it's unlikely to be worth more than face value unless it's in brand-new condition. As of its last validity in 2002, that would be about US$25. To explain, all DM-denominated coins and bills were removed from circulation in 2002 when Germany adopted the euro. It's still possible to redeem deutsche marks for euros but you have to be in Germany to do so.

All circulation-strike 1 DM coins issued by Germany after WWII are made of copper-nickel.

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