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How much vitamin A do you need?

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Vitamin A is an essential fat soluble for humans and promotes

good eyesight (helps us see in the dark) aids in the cells of the

skin and mucous membranes (lining inside the body) aids in keeping

a stronger immune system and strengthens bone and may reduce the

risk of certain cancers. The recommended dose for for men is 1,000

micrograms of RE per day and for women 800 micrograms RE per day.

It is better to get Vitamin A by diet as sometimes some people have

a low tolerance to it or take too large a dose (or the supplement

you buy may be too high for each individual.) It is harmful and can

cause, fatty liver, weakness, headaches, anorexia, vomiting,

fatigue, dry skin and birth defects among pregnant women. Diet is

the best way to go and the richest foods in Vitamin A are liver

Vitamin A is stored in the liver), fish liver oils, milk, milk

products, butter and eggs. Vitamin A is also found in turnip

greens, bok choy, mustard greens, romaine lettuce, sweet potatoes,

pumpkin, spinach, butternut squash, deep orange fruits and all dark

green vegetables and some fats should be introduced along with it.

Steaming instead of boiling the vegetables is best to keep the

nutrients in and the vegetables should be 'just cooked' and not

over done.

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