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Britain owed a total of over 9 million pounds, 1 million of which was owed to the USA a

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Q: How much was Britain in debt after World War 1?
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When did Britain pay off the World War 2 debt to the US?

Early in 2005.

What countries paid their US World war 2 debt in full?

Britain after 40yrs

How did World War 2 weaken Britain?

World War two stopped the economy for 5 years, it caused the loss of thousands of British men. It put Britain severely in debt.

Did the Allies repay their debt after World War 2?

they already tr added with Britain from don

Why did Britain have debt after the french and Indian war?

Because they had to pay for all of their supplies for the war. As a result, they were in debt.

How much was Germanys war debt after World War 1?

37 billion dollars

After French and Indian War Britain was left with?


Who led Britain through most of World War I?

the french led Britain through world war 1 much of the time that the war was going on. THIS IS A FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did Great Britain refuse to help the Confederates?

They were in a preceding conflict with France, causing Great Britain to be in War Debt, and they did not want to fight a war while still in debt.

What were the effects of World War 2 on Britain?

Britain were bombed many times and put into debt by other countries. It is unimaginable (unless you were there) how much fear normal people were in. They couldn't bear the fact that they could be bombed at anytime.

Britain's revolutionary war debt?

if who ever wrote this meant how did Britain pay there war debt .ANSWER IS : they used taxes to pay for it

Why was Britain in debt in 1763?

Because of the French and Indian War

How much did the US debt increase from the beginning of World War 2?


Why was the british government so deeply in the debt at the start of the 1760's?

During the 1760's Britain was so in debt from borrowing so much money for the war.

How much did Britain owe the us after World War 2?


How much was Germany's national debt after World War 1?

37 billion dollars

What problems did Britain face after the end of the french and Indian war?


Why did Britain have to raise revenue after the French and Indian war?

because they were in debt

When did Great Britain pay off its war debt to the US?


How much did britain spend in world war 1?

World War 1 was fought from 1914 to 1918 and involved several different countries. It is estimated that Britain spent $35,334,012,000 total for the war.

What Britain thought of World War 1?

Britain thought so much of World War I that they call it "The Great War". And there has not been a better war since. But since the great war was really a war about nothing, it really was a shabby endeavor.

What major problem did Britain face after winning the french and Indian war?

They had to pay War debt

Would you have supported going to war with great britain?

No, we were already in debt with France from the revolutionary war.

How do british people were needy after world war 2?

Britain, like most other European countries, was virtually bankrupt at the end of World War 2 and heavily in debt to the US for supplies received during the war.

How much debt is America in because of the Iraq war?

well its not just the Iraq war that has us in so much debt, this is only like 3 % of the debt that this war creates. & were up to 53 trillion dollars in debt