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£1 - or did you mean what could you buy with £1 in 1500?

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How much was a pound worth in England in the 1750?

A pound is always worth exactly 1 pound in England.

How much was a pound worth in the 1500?

1 Pound in Elizabeth times is about $500 U.S. today

How much was a ducat worth in 1500?

estimated 8.709954 Euros

How much is bank of England five pound note worth in us currency?

About $7.50

How much worth is a pound of plutonium?

How much worth is a pound of uranium

1 pound is equal to how much rupee?

1500 million pound = how much rupees

How much is a Bank of England 5 pounds worth?

1 pound= $1.50 usa dollars

How much is a shilling worth in your time?

Before England decimalised the Pound, one shilling was worth one twentieth of a pound or 12 pence. Nowadays shillings aren't used, but it would be worth 5 pence of today's decimalised pound.

How much pound is 1500 calories?

Alot why

How much was a pound worth in 1773?

a pound was worth 100 dollors

How much is 400 pounds worth in us dollars in England?

400.00000 British Pound = 625.14000 US Dollar

How much is an English pound worth?

1.00 pound is worth 1.60 dollars

How much is 200 pound sterling worth in 1920?

How much is 200 pound sterling worth in 1920

How much is 1 pound sterling in 1912 England equal to today?

As of August 2014, 1 pound sterling in 1912 England is equal to about 65.94 GBP today. Today, 1 GBP is worth $1.67.

How much was one pound sterling in 1938 worth today?

how much was one pound worth in 1938

How much is 1500 us dollar worth in London England?

The current exchange rate is around $1.5 to £1, so about £1000

How much was a pound worth in Victorian times?

£3.82 Bit of a trick question this, like how much does a pound of feathers weigh. A pound was worth a pound, and was a great deal of money then.

How much is a one pound coin from England worth in US currency?

As of 31 July 2014, 1.00 British Pounds is worth about 1.69 US Dollars.

How much is 2000 british pound coin worth?

It's still worth one pound.

How much is a 1909s vdb worth?

about $1500

How much is the Emmy Award worth?


How much is 30000 pounds worth in England?

30000.0 GBP = 47265.0101856 USD 30000.0 British Pound = 47265.0101856 US Dollar

How much is Alice 30453 from the promenade collection worth?

It is worth 1500$

How much would one pound in 1932 be worth in 1932?

One pound in 1932 was worth approximately one pound in 1932.

How much is a pound in England money?

The Pound Sterling (£) (GBP), is the official currency of the United Kingdom (which includes England).

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