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How much water can a tree bring up from its roots in one day?


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300 FOOT Redwoods can take in (and loose) over 500 Gallons in a day.


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The roots of a Douglas fir tree absorb water and nutrients

deep roots in the soil to absord as much water as possible

The roots have two functions in a plant or tree. The roots collect water and nutrients that the plant or tree needs from the soil.

It is the small fiberous roots that get the nutrients and water from the soil, the larger roots are mainly for transporting the nutrients and water up to the tree. Each of the roots is responsible for a certain part of the tree. So if you were to cut off some roots, only the parts of the tree that they served would be affected.

A tree uses its roots to absorb water from the ground. The water from the ground is typically water from rainfall that has seeped through the soil.roots soak up water from soil

No, feeder roots cannot be removed with out killing the tree. If you remove them, it might take as long as 6 months or so to see the death of the tree. Feeder roots are about 2 to 4 inches below the dirt and they grow all the way out to the drip line area of the tree. If you put extra dirt on top of or cut into the feeder roots, you will suficate the tree as the feeder roots bring in water and nutrients from the sole. Also,oxegyn will not be able to get to the roots.

Yeah! Cuz the roots collect water and distribute nutrients to the tree! ;)

Badgers get their water from plant and tree roots.

so shade the base of the tree. The base of the tree is were the roots are. so in order for the tree to grow, the roots have to be covered. if the roots were not covered, the water that goes through the roots would evaporate so the roots would die and so would the tree.

They hold the tree up and they help the tree get the water and nutrients that it needs.

How are they supposed to absorb water without any roots?

All trees absorb water through their roots

there roots pick up much more water, that is why it's big

Tree roots will generally spread as far as they need to to get water.

Its basically too much of a good thing. The tree normally would not grow in a all water environment, but will still try. It will be stunted because the tree roots will not grow in search for water because water is all around. The tree needs dry soil to get nutrients out of the soil from bacterial decay. With the saturation of the ground, this air breathing bacteria cannot exist. Unless the tree is a water growing tree like a cypress, too much water on the roots can be harmful.

An oak tree's roots are underground and anchors the tree to the ground. The roots also supplies the tree with water and nutrients. The branches support the leaves and acorns.

the leaves and roots take the water ^^

Roots are important in anchoring the tree to the ground, so helping to prevent the tree from being blown over. The finer roots seek out and absorb nutrients and water from the ground.

Tree roots grow so big so they can collect the water supply to send up to the tree and plus its growing and the bigger the plant is the bigger its roots are sometimes!

in the water from the roots and the suger made by the tree

by drinking water from its roots

Apple trees have a tap root for stability and fibrous roots to gather water. Apple tree roots do not grow when the tree buds. Then the roots are too busy gathering water and nutrients to grow more roots. After the fruit is grown, the roots will start growing again.

The roots of cedar tree will usually spread out as far the circumference of the tree. It may be slightly more or less depending on the availability of water.

The roots take in water, support the trunk of the tree, carry nitrients from the soil to the tree, and serve as a storage area for nutrients and other products produced during photosynthesis.

Once a tree gets planted and watered, roots start to grow. As soon as the roots grow a little bit or lots (doesn't matter), the roots send the water to the tree. First of all, it's not supposed to go up to the tree. It stays underground and the roota make it grow. Water has nothing to do with going all the way up!

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