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Q: How much water can fish drink?
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How much water does a fish drink a day?

Fish do not drink

How much water do fish drink a day?

a lot

What does fish drink in water?

I don't think fish drink- and If they do then they probably drink the water

Do tropical fish drink water in their tank?

Fish do not drink.

How much water do fish drink in a day?

4500 million letres

What do small fish drink?

All fish live in water, this may sound gross but fish drink there own water. water

How do fish drink salt water?

fish dont drink salt water they just feel it

Which group of fish never drink water?

No fish drink water. They absorb it through osmosis in their gills

Do betta fish drink water?

No fish actually drink water. They get what they need through a form of "osmosis".

What kind of water do fish drink?

They drink salt water, as they live in it.

Do fresh water fish drink water?

Fish do not need to drink at all so they don't have the capacity to. So the answer is NO.

Do Aquarium fish drink water?

Since fish live in water they do not need to drink it as such they simply absorb what is needed.

Do crayfish drink the water they live in?

cray fish drink the water they live in

Do puffer fish drink?

puffer fish drink through there gills. so therefor they drink sea water

Do fish drink water while in a tank?

they dont drink

How do saltwater fish get water to drink?

salt water fish either drink saltwater or get the water it needs through their food. In any case its need for water is mininmal.

What do clown fish drink?

Clown fish drink water. Clown fish are a fish that live in salt waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Do sea fish and sea mammals drink sea water and if they do how do they eliminate Sodium?

Fresh water fish do not drink water, they absorbed it through their skin, like osmosis. Sea water fish do drink water, and excrete the salt through their gills. The salmon, which lives in both in environments, gets its water like a fresh water fish when in fresh water and like a sea water fish when in the sea.

How is water shared through an ecosystem?

Fish live in water, bears prey on the fish and drink the water.

How much water do fresh water fish drink?

None. Freshwater fish passively gain water across their skin and must actively excrete large quantities of water as very dilute urine.

What do fish drink?

nothing, they dont drink O.O guessing they drink water xD

Can fish drink alcohol?

Fish breath through water but dont actually drink it. If you give your fish alcohol your fish it will become intoxicated and or die. So depending on the size of your fish depends on how much the fish can actually take. when in dought just pour till movement has stopped...

How do pterodactyls get their food and water?

They eat fish and drink the water.

Can a fish drink water underwater?

Yes. All animals need water. This includes fish.

Can you drink fish water?