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The amount of water a perennial needs depends on the actual flower itself. It is best to let the plant dry out and not to water on a fixed schedule, as it can drown the plant.

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Are tulips annuals or perennials?


Are hops plants perennials?

Hops are perennials.

Are primroses annuals or perennials?

Primroses are perennials

Is pea annual biennials perennials?


When first planting perennials blister cress or gold shot or Erysimum perafskianum after following instructions what would cause it to look extremely wilted?

They may be getting too much sun, or they need more water. Good luck with them.

Are ferns perennials or annuals?

They are perennials. They are very hardy plants!

Are impatiens perennials?

Both annuals and evergreen perennials. For example the Balsamina and the Gladulifera are annual and the New Guinea group perennials

Are mini dahlia perennials?

Yes but they are not hardy perennials and in the UK where we have cold winters dahlias need to be lifted, allowed to dry and stored in cool frost free conditions until spring when they can be replanted.

How much water dose a polor bear need?

as much water they need to survive!

Are strawberries annuals or perennials?

Strawberries are perennials, however, they are often planted annually.

What perennials are grown for their stingless foliage?

Pilea, the Low-growing tropical perennials

How much water do turtles need?

They need alot of water

How much water does a parrot need?

none,they do not need water

How much water do you need?

to much

Are marigolds annuals or perennials?

There are dozens of marigolds, and some are annuals while some are perennials.

Are daisies annuals or perennials?

There are many varieties of daisies. Some are annuals and others are perennials.

How much water does a teenager need a day?

Take your weight and divide it by two to get how much water you need.

What materials are needed in constructing a plant nursery?

you need greenhouses/hoop houses and trees, shrubs, perennials

Are Christmas trees perennials?

A Christmas tree, if real, is an evergreen. Most types of evergreens are perennials.

Are maple trees perennial or annual?

Are maple trees annuals or perennials?Maple trees are perennials.

Are chrysanthemums annuals or perennials?

Florist chrysanthemums are generally annuals. Garden chrysanthemums are perennials.

Are chrysanthemums perennials?

If planted early enough in the season for the roots to grow, chrysanthemums are perennials.

What has the author Joseph Hudak written?

Joseph Hudak has written: 'Gardening with Perennials' 'Gardening with perennials month by month' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, Perennials 'Design for Gardens'

How much water do flowers need?

they need a couple of water becuase if they dont get water they die

How much water we need to drink?

you need about 8 cups of water a day

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