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Depends on the turtle species.

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How much water does a red eared slider turtle need?

As much as possible, atleast 10 gallons.

How do you measure the volume of a turtle?

Put the turtle into water and see how much water it displaces. And of course, remove the turtle from the water when you're done.

Does a baby turtle need water?

Yes. Baby turtles need shallow water.

How big does a turtle cage need to be?

If it is an aquatic turtle,( ex: red slider) you need to have 1 gallon of water per shell inch of your turtle. So if your turtle has a 4 inch shell; you would need a 10 gallon tank with 4 gallons of water in it.

Can you treat turtle water with fish water treatment?

No. the ammonia levels for fish water are different than in turtle water and are meant for larger quantities of moving water. To suit the habitat need of a turtle yo should find the correct turtle treatment.

Do you need a tank for a turtle?

It depends what kind of turtle it is.Some turtles do not need water and can be kept in a room,or big area.

Why are turtles able to live in the desert?

Turtles aren't. Tortoises do.

What is a good habitat for a baby turtle?

A habitat for a baby turtle will depend on the type of turtle. Most of them need plenty of water, a place to hide, and a place to get out of the water and rest.

Dose a water turtle need a water dish?

No, he/she just drinks the water it swims in.

Do box turtles need water?

it can but it is mostly a land turtle or tortoise.> Yo im sorry but your turtle does need enough water to cover his entire body but i agree he is a land turtle so he needs a lot of land

How much is a pet turtle?

It depends what type of turtle. My yellow bellied turtle (yellow bellied slider) in Scotland cost me £18, but that wasn't the tank, filter, water heater or heat lamp, (you may also need a UV lamp) that was just the turtle.

What do you need to have a turtle as a pet?

You need somethink like a hampster tank With Big Rocks and Water in a container the turtle can suck on also need turtle food im not sure where you can get it but try Rite Aid

What temp does the water need to be for a box turtle?

Warm!it makes the turtle feel good and safe in his habitat

How long a turtle can live under water?

it depends if its a land turtle or a water tutler =) it depends if its a water turtle or a land turtle =)

What do you need to make a turtle out of water bottles?

U need water bottles tape and milk or mountain dew jugs

How long can a turtle live without water?

some turtles can live days without water. Some turtles don't even need a lot of water. but a water turtle can get out of the water for a minute so you can play with it. and then put him back in the water. answer: there are many different types of turtle, but the sea turtle can only survive a short period of time before the die.

How much water do a box turtle need?

They need about 2 cups according to your turtles size!!it needs to be past his shell a bit so he floats!if he ain't floating fill it up a little bit more they also need a bit of land but not to much they always need some water

How much water should be in a turtle tank?

Dont measher it, pour it up to its top of the shell...if it is a swimming turtle...

How much space does a sea turtle need?

It need exactly 2500 sq ft.

How much light does a turtle need?

about 12hr per day in basking area and in water u.v. lights a recomended, as long as light is hitting water they will bask I hope this was helpful.

What you do need to know about water turtles?

You need to know how long a water turtle can stay under water for because he or she could drownd at young age!

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