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Muriatic acid is considered concentrated Hydrochloric acid. At STP the maximum soluble concenration is about 37.5% HCl. You will usually titrate it to 36% HCl and as low as 34% HCl. Concentrated muriatic acid is always evaporating HCl gas and the concentration is always dropping. For most purposes like "pool cleaning" they cut it to 17% HCl and still call it muriatic acid. Muriatic should have 65% water by weight on average for the concentrated stuff and 83% water by weight for the weaker stuff.

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Q: How much water is in muriatic acid?
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Why do you need muriatic acid for your pool water?

Muriatic acid is used to reduce Ph

What is muriatic acid substance or mixture?

Muriatic acid is a compound which can be made into a solution with water.

Is muriatic acid mixture or substance?

Acids, including Muriatic acid, a variation of sulfuric acid, is a compound substance; however, muriatic acid can be made a mixture together with water.

Are hydrochloric acid and muriatic acid the same?

Yes. Hydrochloric acid and muriatic acid are the same thing. Muriatic acid is just the old name for it and isn't used much anymore.

Is vinegar muriatic acid?

No, vinegar is a solution of acetic acid. Muriatic acid is a solution of hydrochloric acid - much stronger acicdity. Don't make salad dressing with Muriatic Acid!

Is muriatic acid a mixture?

Muriatic acid HCL is a compound. however it is often sold as a mixture with water.

Is muriatic acid an element a compound or mixture?

Muriatic acid, also called hydrochloric acid, is a mixture of hydrogen chloride and water.

You want to change the alkalinity of your hot tub water will muriatic acid be your best choice?

Muriatic acid is what is used to reduce alkalinity in water.

Is Cyanuric acid same as muriatic acid?

Cyanuric acid is not the same as muriatic acid. Cyanuric acid is odorless and white in color. It is used as a component of disinfectants, bleaches, and herbicides. Muriatic acid is clear solution of hydrogen chloride in water.

Is sulfuric acid a muriatic acid?

no HCl is muriatic acid...........

What if you put too much muriatic acid in your salt water pool?

You can lower the acidity by adding potash to the water

Is Sulfuric acid is a known muriatic acid?

No. Muriatic acid is hydrochloric acid.

What is the solute and solvent of a muriatic acid?

The aqueous solution of HCl is the Muriatic acid so HCl gas is solute and water is solvent.

What is the color of muriatic acid?

Muriatic acid is colorless.

How do you lower water pH?

add muriatic acid

What is the use of muriatic acid?

it is use for purefying water.

Does sulfuric acid is known like muriatic acid?

No, muriatic acid is hydrochloric acid.

Can i use muratic acid to help a pine tree?

Very small amounts of muriatic acid are mixed with water to lower the pH balance of the water and make it suitable for water pine trees. It is important to be careful and test the pH balance of the water because too much muriatic acid will kill the trees.

Muriatic acid and ammonia?

is muriatic acid same as ammonia? Muriatic acid is industrial hydrochloric acid (HCl). Ammonia is a base (NH3).

Is muriatic acid also nitric acid?

NO. Muriatic acid is hydrochloric acid (HCl)

Formula of muriatic acid?

the chemical formula for muriatic acid or Hydrochloric acid is HCL.

Muriatic acid is also known as what?

Muriatic acid is another name for hydrochloric acid

Does muriatic acid clean old tubs?

What can you clean with muriatic acid

What cleans stone?

Soap and water and bleach or muriatic acid

Which pain reliever dissolves fastest in muriatic acid?

My daughter did a science project with water, vinegar and muriatic acid, and she used Tylenol to see which one dissolves faster. The muriatic acid did not begin to dissolve it until 2 days later!