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How much weight can you lose by starving yourself for a month?

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2006-08-14 03:43:27

All of it. Starvation can lead to death, even though many other

people have survived going without food for 30 days. If you are

desperate to lose weight, start using your body. Go swimming as

often as you can, ride your bicycle everywhere, dig ditches, climb

hills, BURN CALORIES. Starving yourself can lead to permanent

damage to your nervous system, major organs, and teeth. If you

think that you will be more attractive if you lose a lot a of

weight, remember that you will be so weak that you cannot walk, sit

up, or carry out a conversation. And you are likely to end up in

the hospital, which is not cheap. People used to be thin because

they didn't eat every time they turned around, and they had to work

hard to survive. Try carrying a one gallon bucket of water 100

yards. Now, imagine doing that 20 or 30 times a day, every day.

Don't eat until you are stuffed, don't worry about cleaning your

plate, eat slowly, and when you feel full, stop. If you eat too

fast, your body does not have a chance to tell you that it is full

before you have overfilled it. Avoid sugary treats and colas, fast

food, and greasy chips. Peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat

bread is a pretty good meal, along with some low-salt corn tortilla

chips. Drink water with a meal, not milk, cola, or fruit juice.

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