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How much weight should a 9 years old should be?

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It depends on how tall they are and their frame.

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How much should I weigh at 5'7 and 35 years old?

How much a women at 35 years old weight and is 57

How much weight should i lose at 23 years old?

The amount of weight you should lose at the age of 23 years old would depend on how overweight you are and how tall you are.

How much should you weight 12 years old?

It depends on your height....

How much should somene who is 12 years old weigh?

A 12 year old should way about 100 to 112. around that weight is the normal weight for a 12 year old.

How much should a 18 years old female weight?

Depending on your height and body type you Can weight in between 115 and 135lbs.

How much should you weight if you are 4 ft 9 inches tall and 10 years old?

how much should i weigh im 4ft 9inches and 12 yrs old

Im 5'8 and im 13 years old how much should i weigh?

There is no good weight for a 13 year old. But the normal weight is 130-150 pounds

How much weight should a 11 or 12 year old girl weight?

im 12 years old and pretty average size for my age. i weigh 110

What should be weight of 3.6 years old girl?

The ideal weight of a girl aged 3.6 years should be twelve kg.

If im 12 years old how much you have to weight?

If you are 12 years-old, how much you have to weigh depends on your body structure. The exact weight varies for each person.

How much should I weigh if I'm 31 years old?

Your age has nothing to do with what you should weigh. Your height is what is used to determine if you are of average weight.

How much weight should a 40 year old woman weigh?

i have a medium build am 5'3 am 40 years old, how much should i weigh comforatbly where i dont have to starve myself to keep it off.

How much weight should a 16-year-old lift?

16 years old girl should lift between 25-40lbs for dumbbells. She should bench at about 135lbs.

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