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Q: How much were rent for an apartment in the yr of 1979?
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What does the law say about a sixteen yr old moving out?

That's dependent on individual states. In Texas, they can rent an apartment.

Can a 17 yr old rent a apartment?

There's no law preventing it, but a 17 year old (unless they are legally emancipated) is too young to sign or be held accountable for a legal contract.

How can a 16 yr old move out legally in NH?

Find a job to get money buy an apartment=Move=

If your seventeen yr old daughter moves out and gets an apartment on her own does support still have to be paid?


Can a 19 yr old rent a car in Indiana?

No, you must be at least 21 with a valid creditcard.

How much power 305?

depending on what yr/model as low as 120hp (1979) to as high as 215hp (late 80's/early 90's)

What are the rights of parents to enter a shared college apartment of their 20 yr old child if the parents pay the rent and are listed as the responsible party on the lease?

You would need to indicate your state of residence and the state where the apartment is located for an accurate opinion, but in general, if you are listed as the lessee or responsible party, you have all the rights granted including entry and occupancy. If the child wants to keep you out, they can rent an apartment in their own name and with no co-signer (an option in most states when they reach the age of 18). Consult an attorney in your area for an informed opinion of your rights and limitations.

What process can you go through to have your 18 yr old daughter out of your apartment to many problems?

If she is not on the lease, simply tell her to get out. You can have her evicted for trespassing.

How much does a 2 yr old remember?

As much as it wants.

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40,000 yr.

How much do TSA employees make?

30,000 yr ?

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