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up to 423 dollars

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If you have a Georgia state learners permit can you drive in Florida?

UNLESS the 'learners' permit is stamped "Valid in GA only" - if you are in full compliance with applicable GA law regarding operating on a 'learners' permit (i.e.- age - licensed driver accompanying you - etc) you should have no problem in FL.

Is there some type of temporary auto insurance that can be obtained for a person with a learners permit for practice purposes until they get the license in GA if the title is in their name?

Most likely yes, however what will the cost be. If GA is like most states the learners permit has the same ID number on it as will your license when you get it. Call independent brokers instead of the usual big name companies.

What is the age limit for driving in GA?

The minimum driving age in Georgia is 15 for a learners permit.

If over 21 do you need learners permit before you get your license in Ga?

If you have never had a license before anywhere, the answer is YES, in Georgia, you must get a leaner's permit before you are first licensed.

Can you drive at night with a learners permit in GA?

Yes You can you must have 40hours of driving behind the wheel before you can get your license 6 of which must be night driving

Is it possible for Teens to get Georgia Learners Permit?

Yes, it's Quite possible in Georgia State Teens can get their Learners Permit easily. According to GA DMV Law, Students must be at least 15 years of age and they have to enroll in a DDS approved Georgia Drivers Ed (Joshua's Law Online) Course.Enroll in Georgia Drivers Ed course designed to get your first time Learners Permit. Visit:

If you buy an RV from alamba and you live in ga how would you make it legal to take it home with you?

get a drive out permit after you get insurance on it .

Can someone with an NC provisional learners permit drive out of state?

You can use an out of state learner's permit as long as you follow the guidelines of you permit. if you are required to have an adult licensed driver in the care with you in NC, then you should have an adult licensed driver in GA, AL, FLA, CA, etc...

Can you drive out of state with a GA learners permit?

In most states, yes, subject to restrictions of that state and the state of Georgia both. However, not all states will allow an out-of-state driver to drive in their state on a learner's permit. South Carolina is one such state which does not.

Is a MD learners permit valid in FL?

Yes, it should be - providing you are driving in FL in conformance with the restrictions that NJ places upon it.However, not every state in the US will permit an out-of-state driver to drive in their state on a learner's permit. This might be true of the states you would drive through on your way to FL (i.e.: DC- VA - NC - SC - GA). You will have to do your own research to see if they honor out-of-state learners permits.

How much for a ticket for no insurance in ga?

$420 in Rockdale County, Georgia

Can a fl cancelled carry permit allow carry in Savannah ga?

I have a fl cancelled carry permit. Can I carry cancelled in savannah ga

How long do you have to have a learners in GA?

You have to have it a year and a day, before you get the real one.

Can you get your permit by using your practice test?

in ga

How do you get a work permit for a job?

board of education, in Ga.

Can you go to Tennessee from GA on motorcycle permit?

Generally, you do not need a permit to travel between any US States

How old do you have to be to drive in GA?

15 for a permit. 16 for a licence. you must have your permit for 1 year before getting your license

Do you need a work permit to get a job in GA at 16?

In fact you do need a work permit to get a job at sixteen in G.A. However you can get a work permit thru your school counselor.

Can a convicted felon get a server permit in Lilburn GA?

Yes, a convicted felon can get a sever permit in Georgia. This will have no effect on whether you can serve alcohol or not.

Can you get a gun permit in ga with marijuana?

No, I'm pretty sure they require cash or a check.

Can someone with a drivers permit have children in the car?

People usually have children in a maternity hospital, or at home. But occasionally people have them in cars. Usually the emergency services assist in such births. You don't need a driver's permit for this. ;-) If you meant to ask "can someone with a driver's permit drive with children in the car?", that might depend on the country or state you live in, but you don't tell us so we can't answer.

Do servers have to have a liquor permit in Atlanta GA?

No servers do not need a liquor permit to serve alcoholic beverages. The owner of the establishment needs to posses the liquor license.

Do you need to transfer your GA permit to an OH one if you moved?

Yes. You can only legally possess one drivers permit at a time and that has to be issued by the state in which you reside.

Can a 17 year old drive to school and work on a permit in ga?

no, if you're 17 you can get your license without having your permit. but if you don't have your license.... no driving by yourself!

Where can one go to purchase GA Health Insurance online?

One can purchase GA Health Insurance online via the State of Georgia website, that lists approved insurers in the state. Alternatively one can use insurance comparison sites.

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