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How much will it be for a round trip for a week in Louisiana?


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2010-02-15 00:22:44
2010-02-15 00:22:44

It doesn't matter how long the trip is in relation to a round-trip fare...

But, a ticket price cannot be estimated if there is NO departure city as a reference. Where is are you departing from for the trip to Louisiana??

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i get 22 pounds a week but its 6 days a week.

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It depends where you are travelling from.

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depends on how far in advance your booking and where your coming from. Im from Texas and have gotten them as low as around 500 (round trip) and for an emergency flight out within a week it's been around 1000

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Well, Louisiana is a place where a lot a flowers grow, and a beautiful place to have weddings. So you will probally make $18-$35 every week.

Australia has many prices depending on what kind of trip you want to do. The cheapest you can expect to pay is around $3500 for a 2 week trip.

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You need to provide more details about what you want to do in California. Would it be a road trip or by plane.

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