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Qantas Airlines, economy, 1 adult return, VIA Los Angeles, $1800 - $2000

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โˆ™ 2010-10-23 21:10:43
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Q: How much will it cost to go to Vancouver from Sydney?
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Well Nanaimo BC is on Vancouver Island, so if you want to go to other cities on Vancouver island from Nanaimo, it would cost about $10-45 depending on where you go.

How much does it cost to go from Sydney to London?

for 1 adault in first class £ 499.99

How much does it cost to go to California from Vancouver?

The cheapest ticket I found was using Orbitz. It was a one-way flight from San Francisco to Vancouver for $204.

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How long is the flight time from Toronto Canada to Sydney Australia?

Flight:Toronto, ON (YTO) to Sydney (SYDFlight Duration: 21 hours 25 mins via Los Angeles.Distance:The distance between Toronto and Sydney is 9670 miles (15562 km). You can now go to Sydney from Toronto via Vancouver, as Air Canada is offering non-stop flights from Vancouver to Sydney with their Boeing 777 airplanes. Make sure with Air Canada that it's a non-stop flight when you book it. Quantas might offer the same as well, from Sydney to Vancouver.

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