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Rates vary with cities, you should call and ask them.

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Q: How much will it cost to have Adelphia cable tv and receive high speed internet from them?
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What are some good providers of cable internet?

There are many good providers of cable internet and it depends on what cable companies you have in the area you live. In my area we have Cogeco cable internet, but this may not be available in your area. I believe that a company called Adelphia Communications offers cable internet in over 30 states. There are alternatives to cable internet as well which offer good high speed internet packages.

Can an RCN cable be used to receive high speed internet?

RCN Cable claims to be capable of providing all service of major cable companies: TV, phone, high-speed internet. However there are a number of reviews that indicate the service in certain markets is unpredictable at best.

what is the speed of at& high speed internet?

what is the speed of at& high speed internet”

who is the cheapest high speed internet & cable?

In my area, Boston, MA, it'd be RCN with $60 for both high-speed internet and cable.

What is the highest internet cable speed available in the US?

The highest internet cable speed available in the US is 4.93 Mbit per second. The fastest internet cable speed available in the world is in South Korea at 17.62 Mbit per second.

Can you receive Cable or satellite TV through a PC via the Internet?

movies or tv shows that you receive on the internet are all pre-recorded ones. however, there are trusted satellite tv for PC softwares available in the market but you are required to have more than 1 mbps high speed internet connection speed to enjoy it.

How do the speed a reliablity of DSL service compare to cable internet service?

The difference in internet speed for DSL and cable is that cable runs directly through the cable line and is most of the time faster with less messing up.

What provides high-speed Internet connections through the cable television network?

An existing telephone network provides high-speed internet connections through cable television network. Cable internet is integrated into the cable television infrastructure analogously to DSL.

Which is better, DSL broadband internet connection, or cable internet connection?

IVC Telecom offers both cable and DSL internet plans

What is the average price of cable high speed internet?

Excluding promotional sign-up offers -- where you will initially receive a reduced price for 6 or 12 months when you sign a contract -- cable internet typically costs between $30-60 per month. The price will vary depending on the connection speed you choose and your area. You may also receive a discount by "bundling," if your internet service is with the same provider as your landline and/or television service.

How do I run a cable speed test on my computer?

You can test the speed of your cable internet. Cable providers usually provide a link to test your speed and there are several other options online that offer that service. I personally have used Speednet to test my internet speed and was pleased with the results that I got.

Can I get high speed cable internet service in an apartment?

You can get cable Internet in an apartment. Just call your cable company and tell them what you want. They'll fix you up.

who provides high speed cable internet?

There are a few different companies that provide high speed cable internet. But, where you live depends on what companies are available. Verizon and Comcast are two nationwide high speed cable providers that are available to almost any area.

What is the average cost for internet service?

Upgrading to a different internet provider may fix your internet speed especially if you go to a cable service. One of the better internet cable providers known for speed and low rates is Verizon and Cablevision.

Why is a cable on internet useful?

Cable on internet is useful because using the same service provider typically yields a lower price for the person monthly. Cable internet access is the best option for high-speed internet.

How reliable is cable internet?

Cable internet is very reliable and provides high speed internet for an affordable price. Cable provides the most consistent internet and you should not expect much slow service at all. As a cable customer, I rarely have any problems.

How does DSL Internet speed compare to that of cable Internet?

As far as price and upload speeds are concerned Cable internet and DSL are pretty comparable. However Cable internet has much faster download speeds. There is a downside to Cable internet though; they can place a limit on how much data you can use.

Is High Speed Internet T1 a good deal compared to Cable?

T1 Internet offers faster service than cable internet. The price is more expensive.

Where can someone find cheap high speed internet access?

Cable companies like Insight provide high speed cable Internet services, also known as "broadband". Most providers will even combine your cable Internet with your cable television allowing you to get both services for one low monthly price.

Can you get Cable Internet with Dish Network and if so is it good for gaming?

You can get Dish Network and cable internet. Be sure to tell your Dish TV installer that you plan on getting cable internet. Also, tell your Cable TV installer you have dish satellite. As far as Cable internet being good for gaming, it depends on the internet speed you get.

Is Time Warner Cable a high speed DSL internet provider?

No, Time Warner Cable provides high speed internet, but it is not DSL. There is a moderate difference in speed between Time Warner's Cable internet services and a normal DSL provider, with Time Warner being faster and many times more reliable.

What services does RoadRunner offer?

Time Warner Cable offers the RoadRunner internet service. Through the RoadRunner services customers receive high speed internet service, multiple email accounts, and free internet security and parental controls.

Does high speed satellite internet work as quickly as cable internet?

The high speed satellite internet works equally good as the cable internet. Sometimes high speed satellite internet gets jerks due to bad climatic conditions and transmission loss from the satellite. Satellite internet should be viewed as a last restort for broadband service. Connection speeds do not rate as high as they do as cable and prices are typically higher.

Cable Internet Connections ?

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Hardware for high-speed internet access through the cable television network?

Cable Modem