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How much will it cost to replace the head gasket on a 96 Kia Sportage?


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The labor time for the dealer to do it would cost approximately $1000 and about $100 for parts. A non dealer repair shop would cost less at around $850 for the labor.

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It will cost approximately $530 to replace a head gasket in your 1999 Chevy Cavalier. The head gasket kit will cost approximately $50 and require eight hours of labor to install.

They only Head Gasket I had to replace was on a Chevy Malibu 1999. Cost me about $1400

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You cannot and should not buy a used head gasket. If you have a blown head gasket you replace it with a new gasket. The gasket will cost very little. The labor to replace the gasket is where the cost is. Expect to pay from $500 to $1,000. This is a major repair that takes time.

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There is only one way to replace a head gasket and it is never cheap. This is a major repair and 90% of the cost is labor.

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It can cost between $30 and $100+ to replace a blown head gasket. It will depend on where the person buys the part and if a shop does the change out or not.

Replacing a 1992 Acura Integra head gasket will cost approximately $500. The exact cost to replace the head gasket is dependent upon several different factors.

take off the head, replace gasket. reinstall head

When repairing cars, it is important to know the cost going into the repair. To replace a head gasket for a 2002 Ford Focus it will cost between $20 and $190.

The cost to replace the head gasket is between $900 and $1200. The actual cost will vary between shops as each uses a different labor rate and there could be items that need to be repaired or replaced due to overheating that commonly occurs with a bad head gasket.

cost me $200 for labour and 20 bucks for the gasket and new oil and filter also if the head is warped it will cost extra to machine it

The cost to replace a head gasket in a 1997 Buick Park Avenue ranges from $20 to $180+. This varies based on brand, store and labor costs.

I was just told that to replace mine in 1998 V70 would $4000K; which sems hideous and is why I'm checking the internet! That sounds like the cost to replace the Cylinder Head as well. A head gasket should cost about $1500 to replace.

Just had it done on my 1998 Venture - It cost about 900.00

could someone give me a rough idea on how much it will cost to replace a head gasket on a renault grand espace 2.2 dci, thats cost and fitting? thanks

Remove head change gasket and replace head, pretty simple.

The cost to replace a head gasket for a 2003 Ford Taurus varies depending on the quality of parts and what is charged for labor. Average costs for the job can run anywhere from $200-$450.

how much does it cost to get a new head gaskette for a 1998 vw bug?

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