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How much will the samsung infuse 4G cost?


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with a contract it costs 200 without its 550

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The Samsung Infuse 4G has a really great picture. It looks like it's coming to life! The Infuse also has TV shows to watch when you board. I really recommend you get the Samsung Infuse 4G.

It depends because iphone 4 has more applications but Samsung infuse 4g has a better screen. So it depends on you.

I believe the Samsung infuse 4g is a good smart phone to purchase. I have heard plenty of positive reviews and comments from friends or classmates about this phone.

probably mid may to early June

The Samsung Infuse 4G is a very fast Android phone, but the speed of the phone depends on the service. AT&T typically provides a slow and limited connection, which does not match the phone.

Samsung Infuse 4g you can see it very clear in the 3x01 episode :)

Some of the best 4g smartphones to-date are:At&T:Motorola Atrix 4gSamsung InfuseVerizon:Samsung Droid ChargehTC ThunderboltLG RevolutionSprint:hTC EVO 3DhTC EVO shiftGoogle Nexus S 4gT-Mobile:hTC SensationT-mobile myTouch 4gmyTouch 4g slideLG g2xSamsung Galaxy S 4gSome good non-4g devices:iPhone 4 (At&t)Google Nexus S (Samsung/Sprint)

Just I know the Samsung Galaxys 4g is not the latest version. it costs $149-$199. $349 for no annual contract/prepaidT-Mobile will have disappointed many with its clarification that the Galaxy S 4G will cost a pair of Benjamins on contract, exactly as much as its Samsung-built predecessor did seven months ago, and not as the carrier had originally indicated, $150..

The best place to find this information is your local Samsung representative. The best source of information will always be a professional expert, and the fine people at Samsung will be happy to tell you all about their products.

The Apple iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S, and Samsung Infuse 4G are all great options. I would suggest visiting your wireless provider and seeing which phones they offer.

The Samsung Infuse 4G is a very advanced piece of technology and is fairly durable too. However, that does not mean a person should not take active steps to keep their device in good condition. Obviously, the smartphone is ultra thin, which means it is susceptible to fall damage and other problems. A person should outfit their Infuse 4G with protective covers and screen protectors to mitigate any damage that is done to the phone. It is difficult to stop something bad from happening if the device is crushed or dropped from a high distance though. Still, it is easy to prevent minor damage.

The Samsung Dart is not a 4G phone, it is a 3G phone. You will not be able to use it to connect to a 4G network. You'll need a 4G phone to connect to a 4G network.

1. the samsung rant does not support the 4g network.2. No you cant connect your cell phone to 4g speed because its a samsung tantand it soesnt support the 4g network.

Samsung's lastest phones are the Samsung Infuse 4g. Another one is the Droid which is very popular right now. It is a lot bigger than most of the other cell phones out there.

While the Samsung Intercept is a middle of the line phone, if you want 4G you need to move up to the Samsung Epic 4G which is top of the line. Both phones are good androids, but the Epic is the winner if you want a 4g connection.

The samsung galaxy s 4g is a smartphone that offers internet service and video chats. You can learn about it on the Samsung website, which is

Yes, the Samsung v. 7679 (Exhibit II 4g) indeed has "WiFi-Calling."

I got mine for a great price on ebay. I paid $150 for it and it was like new condition.

it will cost about as much as the old one oh shut up people it cost 5pounds

call customer care and see if the device is eligible to be unlocked, if it is they will give you a code to put in your phone and tell you the steps to unlock the phone from att's network. then your tmobile sim will work in it.

Some of the highest rated 4G phones on the market are the Samsung Galaxy 1 & 2 and the Samsung Galaxy note. Also, the iPhone is a highly rated phone, but it is not classified as 4G.

The newest version of the android phone is the myTouch 4G Slide, Samsung Exhibit 4G, Samsung Gravity Smart, LG Thrill, and the HTC� Sensation�� 4G. All would suit your needs.

The iPod Touch 4G currently costs $205 at Best Buy.

i for got my metro pc passward can ya help mei have my samsung 4g. metroPCS model SCH-R820 (CDMA)

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is cabaible of reciving Wi-Fi, 1X, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE data connections.

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