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Is the Samsung infuse 4g a good smart phone to purchase?


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I believe the Samsung infuse 4g is a good smart phone to purchase. I have heard plenty of positive reviews and comments from friends or classmates about this phone.

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The Apple iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S, and Samsung Infuse 4G are all great options. I would suggest visiting your wireless provider and seeing which phones they offer.

yes it is it is an android smart phone

Samsung trender is the best one that ain't a smart phone

Samsung Flight 2 is not a smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best rated smart phone by Samsung. It is in head to head competition with the iPhone, but Samsung keeps putting out new updates to compete with the top rated iPhone.

I haven't used the i730 Samsung personally, but there's a good review of the phone on CNet. I used the i730 Samsung smart phone for over a year. I recently ditched it for an iPhone, but I really liked it when I had it. Definitely give the i730 Samsung a shot.

the sharp fx plus is a smart phone. Its a little outdated but is a samsung smart phone.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone.

Yes, the Samsung Gravity 3 is an attractive phone that is also a smart phone. The phone has a full QWERTY keyboard and supports email, texting and web browsing among others.

Yes. Samsung does make smart phones. All brands of cell phones make smart phones. Technology is updated now and Samsung does have some new smart phones released

Compared to other Samsung cell phones, the Samsung Gravity Smart phone is the first with an Android-powered handset. Comparisons can be found in the T-mobile website.

The Samsung Replenish does indeed have an Android operating system and is therefore a smart phone. The phone also features Wi-fi which enables you to use your phone even when receive a weak signal.

it is not a smart phone

In the Smart Phone Category, the S4 seems to be the most inexpensive model on the market right now. Samsung also makes basic phones which can be as low as $10 or even free on economy plans.

It's a messaging phone made by Samsung. It's a slider with full keyboard and it's NOT a smart phone, which it is usually mistaken for.

Samsung phones depending on if its a smart phone can cost any were between 10 to 100$$ a month!!

The Samsung Gravity Smart is a competent Android messaging phone for smartphone newcomers in search of a physical keyboard at a budget price.

Nope. It just looks like it.

Much care should be taken before purchasing a cell phone. Although those who can only afford humble phones are certainly well-respected, owning a latest generation smart phone is an important rite of passage in our community. For those with mid-level budgets, the Samsung Infuse 4g is an especially attractive option. Before purchasing any cell phone, consumers should look into available plans. The newest smart phones are often prohibitively expensive for those who are unwilling to sign a contract. Those who prefer a month-to-month engagement with their phone company must be willing to settle for a more humble phone. This situation will hopefully change with time.

I'm actually answering his from a rugby smart by Samsung....its awesome and tough and has performed to meet my expectations quite well

The Samsung gravity t is a very high tech phone however is not considered a smart phone because it does not support apps.

No, the Samsung Glyde is not a smart phone, therefor, it does not require a data package.

No but there both Android and Galaxy. They are smart phones.

The Samsung C417 model feature phone actually is an older phone, and is inferior to current smart phones. As such, there are not many benefits to this phone model.

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