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This is not actually Canadian, it's a British crown. These sell for about a dollar.

2006-09-08 20:32:40
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What is the value of a British Winston Churchill Shilling?

There was no British Winston Churchill Shilling minted.

What is the value of Winston Churchill 1965 coin?

it is around a dollar, over 9 million were minted so they are not that rare

What is the value of a 1924 Canadian silver dollar?

Check that coin again. The first circulating Canadian silver dollar wasn't minted until 1935.

What is the value of a 1965 British Halfcrown Winston Churchill commemorative?

The coin to which you refer is a Crown (Five Shillings).There was no commemorative Halfcrown minted.

Is the Queen Elizabeth canadian dollar silver?

It's silver if it was minted in or before 1967.

Did they make a 1935 Canadian half dollar?

yes, the royal Canadian mint has made a half dollar for every year ever since the mint was founded in 1908. it may be hard to find a 1935 half dollar because most collectors look for the 1935 dollar, the first Canadian dollar minted for circulation.

Where was the 1947 Canadian penny minted at?

The 1947 Canadian Penny was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa, Ontario. Today the penny is minted in Winnipeg by the Royal Canadian Mint.

What years were Canadian pennies not minted?

Canadian pennies were not minted pre 1857,1860-1875,1877-1880,1883,1885,1889.

What is a Canadian 1907 Silver Dollar worth?

Sorry, 1907 CDN Silver dollar does not exist. First minted CDN Silver dollar in 1935 King George V with voyageur flip.

What is the silver content in a 2001 Canadian dollar?

If it's a gold-colored "Loon" dollar, it has no silver at all. "Loonies" minted in 2001 are made of brass-plated nickel.

What is the least minted silver dollar?

1878 proof Trade Dollar. There were 900 minted.

Was there a US dollar coin in 1944?

No. The Peace Dollar was last minted in 1935 and the Eisenhower Dollar was not minted until 1971.

When was the last silver half dollar minted?

The last silver half dollar was minted in 1969.

When was the George Washington dollar coin minted?

The George Washington dollar coin was the first of the Presidential dollar series. It was minted in 2007.

How much is a canada dollar coin 1991 worth anything?

It is worth 1.00 CAN. 23,156,000 were minted in that year, so unless it has a minting error it is only worth one dollar Canadian.

What dollars were minted in 1983?

No US dollar coins were minted in 1983.

Why did the Morgan dollar cease to be minted?

The Morgan Dollar was minted from 1878 to 1904. Then again in 1921. The Morgan Dollar was no longer minted after the passing of the Coinage Act of 1873 which resulted in the stoppage of coining free silver.

Why was the two dollar bill minted?

There's more information at the Related Question.Two-dollar bills were never MINTED. Only coins are minted. Bills are printed.

Are Canadian quarters magnetic?

Canadian quarters minted since mid-1968 are attracted to a magnet. They were minted out of nickel; newer ones are steel.

Were there silver dollar minted in 1982?


When was the last 5 shilling coin minted?

The last British Crown (5 Shillings) coin to be minted was the 1965 Churchill Commemorative.

What is the value of 1982 dollar?

There were no dollar coins minted that year.

What is the value of a 1955 churchill crown?

The Churchill crown was minted in 1965, not '55. They sell on eBay for around two dollars (USD).

When was the Canadian penny issued?

The first penny was minted in 1858 for the province of Canada. It was minted by the Royal Mint in London, England. The first penny minted in Canada was January 2, 1908 when the Canadian Mint was established.

What is the value of a Presidential dollar?

One Dollar. They are being minted for circulation.