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im not sure i understand your question. but it the door latch assembly will not work correctly with the door handles then either the cables are bad or the latch is bad, it depends very much on your situation, if a cable is bad then $200 bucks perhaps, if the latch assembly is bad then $800 dollars perhaps, since you didnt leave a lot of info on what is happening with the latch i cant help you that much. good luck.

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If the dealer says a new car had light body damage and was repaired can they still charge sticker price?

They can charge whatever they want.

Seat belt extenders for 1987 Volvo 740?

They may still be available from your Volvo dealer. There is no charge for them.

Where is the keypad code for a 2002 sport trac?

Take your vehicle into any dealership and they will retrieve it for you, usually without charge. Ask first. If they do attempt to charge then go to ANOTHER DEALER and tell them your disatisfaction story about the other dealer and they will be more than glad to accomodate you.It may still be in your book if you still have it.

How do your program a 2002 Tahoe remote alarm?

Most likely to reprogram the remote you need to take it to a Chevy Dealer and they can do it there... cost ranging from $40-$90...... I had the same problem after replacing the battery & the remote still not working.... I reset the remote by holding down both the lock & unlock buttons @ the same time for about 10-15 seconds.... this resets the locks inside the truck... you should hear the locks lock & unlock if so then your remote should work fine... if not then i suggest taking it to a dealer... hope this helps!

How do you replace egr on 2002 Honda Odyssey?

Call your Honda dealer, they shld replaced it free of charge. They have a bulletin for it and shld we under warranty still

when we bought the 2005 Jeep Liberty it only came with one remotr and key,i need another remote and key.?

You should be able to get an additional keyless remote for your Jeep Liberty from the manufacturer or dealer. It is possible that someone may be selling one on Ebay, or you might try Keyless Ride at If you get a fob from another party, you may still have to go to the dealer to have it programmed.

How do you replace the egr valve on the 2002 Honda odyssey?

Call your Honda dealer, they shld replaced it free of charge. They have a bulletin for it and shld we under warranty still

What is conventional and non-conventional?

Conventional wisdom is a common held belief about something or someone. For example: Emperor Nero today is still considered as the man who killed his family and started the Great Fire of Rome.

What is the value of a 1974 U.S postal service mint set of commemorative stamps?

These stamps are still good for postage. They are still worth face value to anyone who needs stamps for postage. A dealer might charge twice face for them, so if you could find a collector who was thinking about buying them from a dealer, you could make a deal. A dealer will not likely pay more than face for them.

Why does a ps3 controler not charge or turn on?

It probably does but, you just aren't giving it enough time to charge. If you are make sure the remote is actually plugged into the charger. The remote won't turn on because it might still need a charge. I found that I needed to auto turn off the controller in settings when I turned off the PS3. I also did not realize that they do not recharge while the PS3 system is off and they will lose there power if not turned off.

How do you reset the 'Maintenance Required' indicator on a 1992 Plymouth Voyager?

there's a test fixture you can either buy from the dealer, ugh, but if not you still have to go to the dealer and let them reset it. You might check with local repair shops that could do the resetting also. If it's the first time it has come on then you may need to have some routine maintenance done on it, in which case if you go to the dealer and have the maint. they will automatically reset it for you at not charge, otherwise they will charge you.

How to get key from stuck in ignition of 2007 Chevrolet Malibu?

It is still under warranty. Take it back to the dealer for repair.It is still under warranty. Take it back to the dealer for repair.

Is there an additional, simpler remote available for the Google internet TV?

No, the remote that came with the package is the only remote available. It may be possible to set a universal remote to the TV. If the remote is still hard to understand, try reading the owners manual.

Are motor cars still available at the local dealer?

"This would depend on where your local dealer is. If your local dealer is still in business, then I would say it is a safe assumption that there are motor cars still available there. If they have gone out of business, then it would be safe to assume that no motor cars are available there."

What is conventional poetry?

Conventional poetry uses meter, which is a regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables that forms a beat like in music. It often uses rhyme as well, although blank verse does not and is still considered conventional.

Can a buy here pay here car dealer charge you interest?

This is on a car, and you are not paying the balance of the price of the car in full, then yes. You are buying on installments. It is common financial practice and has been for about the past three thousand years to charge interest. Legal, ethically, and morally they can charge you interest. Where it becomes still legal but less ethical or moral is the amount of interest they charge you.

Why won't my remote lock or unlock central locking but remote still sets alarm?

check the remote and the connections in the vehicle..or mabey you bought a faulty alarm system.

How do I bypass security on 96 lumina. I bought another key at the dealer but security light still flashes and engine won't start?

turn on the car but (ready to start) then one press on remote control open then close

What do I do if wii doesn't work with remote?

Make sure the remote is fully charged. When you place it in the charging dock, the light on the dock will turn red to indicate it is charging. Sometimes you will have to to 'jiggle' the remote around a little to move it to the correct position to charge. If it still doesn't work after charging, then you can try to use the remote with batteries instead. However, this will be expensive in the long run. Failing these options, Nintendo has various options for replacing your wii remote. See the related link below for these options on the Nintendo website.

What happens if your car loan is approved but you still owe the dealer money?

You will have to prove to the dealer that you are waiting to get the money. Show the dealer your loan approval documents.

97 Isuzu trooper keyless remote stopped working but still hear a click in the master door panel switch when remote depressed?


How do i override security system on 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Put the key in the driver side door and turn 2x to the right then once to the left to unlock. It overrides the alarm w/out having to have the remote. Unfortunatly you'll have to do it each time you lock and close the doors. It's still cheaper then having to buy the $165+ remote from the dealer.

How do you change the battery in a hayward pro logic aqua pod wireless remote aql2-pod for the pool?

The battery is not replaceable... much like an iPhone... they are designed to provide a life of approx. 5 years. If the battery does not hold a charge, you can still continue to use the remote while plugged into the base charger...

Have a 96 olds 98 with an electric remote starter sometimes it will start sometimes it will not there does not appear to be any rhyme or reason as to why it will or will not start?

I have the same problem with a 95 Olds 98. I changed the batteries in the hand held remote twice in the last two weeks and still have problems starting the car and opening the doors. I was told I need to find a car alarm/car remote start dealer so I could replace the hand remote as it must be worn out. Have not found a place yet. Good luck.

How to program remote for a 1999 VW Passat?

You can program the remote part not the key side, to reprogram the remote still you need two keys. if you need more details email me please give me programing instructions for keyless remote