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How much would an 1929 half dollar silver coin be worth?


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Approximately how much is a 1929 silver dollar

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Please look at the coin again, No US One Dollar coins were struck in 1929.

Please check again and post a new question. Due to the Depression, there were no silver dollars struck from 1929 to 1933 inclusive. If you have what appears to be a U.S. Peace dollar with that date on it, it is a fantasy piece or a counterfeit.

Please look at the coin again, no U.S. one dollar coins were struck in 1929.

Please look at the coin again and post new question. No U.S. one dollar coins exist dated 1929.

NO 1935 was the first year.

canada didnt make a circulating dollar until 1935.

No US silver peace dollars were struck in 1929 or 1930.

Could you tell us a bit more about this coin? I won't say for certain that no coins designed by Morgan were made in 1929, but the dollar coin that is named for him was not minted after 1921.

Please look at the coin again and post new question. The U.S. Mint did not issue any one dollar coins dated 1929.

The U.S. did not strike any dollar coins in 1929. If it's from another country you'll need to provide that information, along with the coin's condition.

10-20 years for counterfeiting. No US silver dollars were minted 1929-1933.

As a copy, it's not worth much of anything.

Please check your date. There were no US $2 notes printed with a 1929 series date.

how much is a 1929 national currency sanfrancisco worth

The last $100 silver certificates were dated 1891. if you are saying 1929, then they are called Federal Reserve Bank Notes, saying National currency. they have brown seals. You would need more information about condition, and what bank.

Your coin has been plated. The U.S. never struck a silver cent. At that time it would have been worth about 12 cents, and the Mint wouldn't give away 11 cents on each penny.

Please check again and post a new question. The last $2 silver certificates were dated 1899 and there were no federally-issued $2 bills dated 1929.

Your coin is not genuine if it is dated 1929. There were no Peace Dollars produced in 1929 (however, on genuine Peace Dollars Trust is spelled with its Latinized spelling as Trvst also). Being as your coin is a fantasy piece, it has no collectible value. The only value it has is for its precious metal content, however, not being an official mint product, there is no standard metal content of it. Such a coin could be 100% silver, 90% silver, silver plated, or might contain no silver at all. Since it isn't a genuine coin, I would first off try to see what type of material it is made out of then it would be worth the going price for that metal.

It would depend on the coin! They made many silver George V coins in 1929. It could be anywhere from a silver crown to a small penny.

Here is the correct answer to this: $100 in 1929 would have been worth what they considered to be $100. When referring to buying power, $100 from 1929 would have bought approximately $1300 dollars worth of goods in today's time. Conversely, $100 from 1929 today would buy you about 5 or 6 current dollars worth of goods. -------- "I think this is a silly question. 100 will always be 100.........."

Please check again and post a new question. No silver dollars were minted from 1929 to 1933 inclusive, due to the Great Depression.

The US didn't print any $1 bills dated 1929. Please check again and post a new, separate question.

One hundred dollars in 1929 would buy about $2300 worth of stuff today. Said the other way, 100 of todays dollars would have bought about $4 worth of stuff in 1929

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