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How much would an oil spill cost to clean up?


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November 25, 2008 2:52AM

The appended link lists the contributing factors to the cost of oil sill clean-up. Even discounting the costs loss of good PR and increasing insurance rates the direct costs can vary significantly.

Consider that you lose 1 bbl of crude oil (about 150 L) with a purchased value of $100/bbl. The oil spills into a roadside ditch in a mainly agricultural area and flows with the water. The spill is simple and straightforward to clean up.

You are looking at hiring at least 24 hrs of: * 20 men ($100/hr thru a contractor), * A vacuum truck, backhoe, dump trucks each at ($200/hr) * Waste disposal fees for oils waste @ $200/cu.yd. for 50 -100 cu yds * Ditch restoration and grading * Police costs for traffic control * Soil and water sampling

And then potential fines $1000 to $10000 (+ lawyers at $300/hr for 3 yrs)