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There are too many variables to be able to give you an estimate. It depends on the car, your record, and how much insurance. For an accurate price contact an insurance company.

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Q: How much would car insurance cost for a newly licensed 26 year old driver?
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What rate would one expect to pay on average to insure a commercial vehicle operated by a newly licensed CDL driver in Massachusetts?

Around $12,000 per year

I need to know approx how much it would cost to insure a 1989 mack tri axle in NJ with a newly licensed CDL driver I need 1000000 worth of liability Looking to start trucking business?

You need to be talking to insurance agents, not asking this question on here.

How is auto insurance coverage affected when your spouse has no drivers license?

Usually the Insurance underwriters would offer the licensed driver what is called a Named driver exclusion. This should not affect the cost of your insurance premium. The u/w would need to know information about the unlicensed operator (why don't they have a license? was it suspended, revoked, or are they just not licensed because of a handicap, or the person just does not drive) Once this is determined then he u/w would better know how to proceed in offering the NDE.

Is there an age restriction for State Farm automotive insurance?

"This will depend on your state and the laws that are in effect. You would be able to contact any State Farm agent for the details, but you must be a licensed driver to carry auto insurance."

What do you do if your being sued by a non-licensed driver?

The best thing to do would be to consult an attorney and file a countersuit against the unlicensed driver. You should also contact your insurance company, as you may have given them power of attorney for you in terms of automobile accidents when you signed your insurance contract, in which case your insurance company must sue for you.

If you hit a car that had no licensed driver or insurance and speaks little English and you gave them the insurance info if they do not file with the insurance company can they still sue you?

Yes, they can take you to court over the damage that you caused. Your insurance company would be obligated to defend you assuming that you are cooperating with their defense efforts.

What ny auto insurance agencies insure people with learner's permits?

Sorry but you can't. Since you have to have a licensed driver in the passenger seat when you drive, you are under that person's insurance (most likely your parents). I have never heard of an auto insurance company giving insurance to a non-licensed driver (but I'm sure they would make some more money that way!). WHEN you get your license and can show proof of you driver's license ID number (or it's on record) THEN they will give you auto insurance. You're parents can actually put you on as an "occasional driver" on their insurance. Granted, if you are under 25 and male (or just under 25), they'll be forking over some serious cash to have you on their insurance. If you wreck, their insurance will go through the roof, or worse, they'll be dropped.

In California what happens if an uninsured unlicensed driver is driving your insured car and has an accident and the other driver is licensed and insured is at fault?

the insurance of the owners car would have to be liable. basically, your not gonna get sh*t cus driving with no license or insurance automatically makes you at fault--regardless of who really in all actuality was. DONT DRIVE WITH NO INSURANCE.

What insurance covers the driver who is at fault?

Assuming that the at-fault driver maintained it at the time of the collision, his/her auto liability coverage would be triggered.

If you have a licence but do not drive can your insurance company make you pay in Pennsylvania?

If you are a listed driver on an insurance policy then your characteristics will be considered in the rating of the insurance policy. Under some circumstances a listed driver will have very little if any impact on the premium. In other cases a listed driver will impact the premium significantly. Many insurance companies require that all licensed drivers in a household be listed and proper premiums be paid or excluded, in writing, from coverage. If you decide to exclude a licensed operator then there would be no coverage for that person on the insurance policy. I personally know of a situation in which an excluded person was allowed to drive the car to church on Sunday. There was an accident and all coverage was denied by the insurance company.

Do you need to pay for car insurance if you are just using your parents car or does theirs cover you?

You would have to be added to your parents policy as a driver, and you will be subject to premium increases if you are a younger driver because insurance trends show younger drivers to be a higher risk than others. Sean IL Licensed Ins Producer

Does every licensed driver in a household require that they be on the same auto insurance pollicy?

Not necessarily. But all household members must be disclosed to the insurance company, and from there they either must be included or excluded. I would recommend everyone go on the same policy, that way you take advantage of multi-car, multi driver discounts.