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Around 3-4 million. It depends where you build it and with what.

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Q: How much would it cost to build a skating outdoor court?
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How much would it cost to build a basketball court?

Depending on what you want to build. A indoor basketball court or outdoor court. (indoor)$100,000 or less (outdoor)$20,000 or less.

How much would it cost to build a ice skating rink and roller skating rink?

A lot of money

What do you need to build a cooking island on out your patio?

You would need some outdoor cabinetry and also an outdoor gas grill with covers.

How would you construct an outdoor bocce ball court and what are the dimensions?

How do you build a kid's outdoor clubhouse?

You would build it either from your own design or someone elses, and you could use wood or composite or even metal. Similar to how you would build a house depending on the design.

Purchase an Outdoor Gazebo?

form_title=Purchase an Outdoor Gazebo form_header=Gazebos are perfect for outdoor entertaining. What is the size of gazebo needed?=_ What style of gazebo is desired?=_ Would you like to build the gazebo yourself?=_

How do you build outdoor serving bar?

i would build it the same way you would build an indoor bar just make sure you seal in very well with an all weather sealer and use treated lumber

Where can I find outdoor timber decking set from?

To build an outdoor wooden or timber deck you would need to purchase the wood from a Lowe's or Home Depot. You would also need to buy a deck plan.

How much would it cost to build a vollyball court?

it would cost you around $100,000.

How can I design an outdoor kitchen?

I would love to have an outdoor kitchen also, so I undertand your desire to have one. There are a variety of sites that can provide you with all of the information that you require in order to design and build your dream outdoor kitchen.

How much does it cost to build a food court?

To build a food court in a school would depend on the restaurants you want to put in it. the overall cost would be around $250,000 or more. thank you for asking Sharty!

How much land would it take to build a tennis court?

you would want almost 100 by 50 feet

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