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How much would it cost to travel 84 miles in a car that does 35 miles to the gallon petrol engine?


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It would cost (2.4) times (the cost of one gallon petrol).

Also, add cost of tolls, food, etc.

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At 15 miles per gallon, 7 gallons of petrol.

What's the average miles per gallon of the car? If a car gets 30 miles per gallon, it will use less petrol than a car that gets 20 miles per gallon. without knowlege of the miles per gallon, this guestion really can not be answered, because all cars have different miles per gallon.

It depends on how many miles per gallon of petrol your car can normally travel. The figure is so variable as it depends on many factors: state of the engine, whether the fuel gauge and carburettor are adjusted correctly. Even a strong headwind or soft tyres will burn more fuel.

That depends how many miles per gallon you travel.

Depends on how many miles per gallon your vehicle can travel

That is totally dependent on the price for the petrol and and the miles per gallon rating on the vehicle.

This will depend on the size of the engine and how much gas it consumes per gallon. Being it is a Corvette and the engine is a V8... not far. If you get 25 miles per gallon perse..you could travel 175 miles on 7 gallons.

12 miles / 3 gallons = 4 miles per gallon So for 1 gallon, the car can travel 4 miles.

how many miles to the gallon does a 1.8 petrol landrover freelander do?

depends on the MPG (miles per galon)

At 25 miles per gallon, it will take 10 gallons.

I have a Jeep Wrangler 2000 TJ on petrol 20 miles to the gallon and 17 miles to the gallon on LPG its a straight 6/ 4 Ltr

It depends on the cost of said petrol and the efficiency of the vehicle in "miles per unit of petrol". You didn't supply enough information.

18,800 divided by 35 = 537.14 gallons of fuel required to travel this distance. 537.14 x 6 pounds = 3,222.84 pounds.

Diesel can give much better fuel economy (miles per gallon or kilometers per liter) than petrol but the downside is that diesel engines cost more to manufacture than petrol engines. So a petrol-engined vehicle usually costs less money to buy than a similar make and model that has a diesel engine. The design of a petrol-burning engine is different from that of a diesel engine: a petrol engine burns petrol (called gasoline in the US) which is ignited by a spark plug. A diesel engine burns diesel fuel which self-ignites when compressed.

between a third and two thirds of a gallon depending on the miles per gallon of your car.

(62.14 miles/5.78 litres) x (3.7854 litres/gallon) = 40.696 miles/gallon

130/45 = 2.8 recurring (that is, 2.8888...) gallons.

30 miles to the gallon means, you should be able to travel atleast 30 miles for every 1 gallon of gas your car uses.

The Mercedes petrol engine will last about 300,000-400,000 miles. If the factory maintenance schedule is strictly complied with.

A diesel engine is an internal combustion engine which uses the heat of compression to ignite the fuel/air mixture in the third stroke of the 4-stroke cycle, while the petrol engine is an internal combustion engine which uses an electrically-generated spark system to do the ignition. Diesel engines have a higher efficiency compared to petrol engines. In simple terms this means diesel engines can give 50% or more miles per gallon than petrol engines.

800 miles / 16 miles per gallon = 50 gallons x $4 per gallon = $200.

8 miles per gallon To travel 420 miles you need 420/8 = 210/4 = 105/2 = 52.5 gallons and multiply this by the prevailing cost of gas per gallon and you will have your answer.

On average I get around 25 miles per gallon 3.5 engine

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