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Every cell in the human body is replaced and renewed within a period of seven years, consecutively, for life. This is known as aging; it includes the brain. Not one cell a person is born with is still there when they reach seven, and again at fourteen, then again at twenty-one, etc. The cells are replaced, respectively, and you are a "brand new" person, however, with the same DNA structure and personality you were born with.

Memory cells can be "recycled" as some information is lost over time.

Sleep repairs and reorganizes the brain; as for new brain cell development, research shows that as one educates their mind new cells form as often as the mind is actively engaged.

EDIT - MijinLaw: The 7-year cycle is a myth. And although neurons can be generated in some circumstances, it's still unclear whether neurogenesis plays any significant role in normal learning.

Plus! Heart muscle cells aren't replaced, that's why heart attacks can be fatal, as the muscle cells which are destroyed are not replaced and may not be enough to keep the heart going. There arnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How often are brain cells replaced?
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Which cells in your body are never replaced?

brain cells

Can brain cells be replaced if damaged?


How often do brain cells regrow?

Brain cells are the only, if not one of the few, cells that are supposed to stay in your body for your entire life so they do not get replaced. Actually, research over the last few years has shown that the human brain can grow new brain cells. Particularly the ones used in cognitive memory and learning capability.

Do brain cells grow?

yes but they cannot be replaced

What cells in the human body are replaced frequently compared to brain and nerve cells?

Skin cells

Are all the cells in your bodies continually replaced as you age?

Yes except for brain cells that after age 35 are not replaced when they die

How are dead and worn cells in the body replaced?

It all depends on which cells. Some are not replaced. These are mostly nerve cells such as found in the brain. Other cells constantly die and are shed and replaced from tissues below them. An example of this are your skin cells.

Are muscle cells bigger than brain cells?

It depends on how often you use your brain or muscle

How often is cerebral spinal fluid replaced in brain?

It is replaced four times a day.

How often is brain cell replaced?

Brain cells are not replaced This is NOT true. At one time, which means there still are, people who claimed to be 'experts' believed the brain cells were not replaced, but like all self proclaimed experts, they were wrong. Current science has proven beyond any rational doubt that brain cells are replaced in healthy people who have a normal diet, just like every other cell in every other living thing that exists. NOTE: However, if your diet consists mainly of chips, coffee, and Scotch (or anything similar), they are not. In fact, nothing in your body can be fixed or replaced, which is why some 'students' get stupider instead of smarter at school.

What are the tharmful effects of glue sniffing?

It kills brain cells and they are not replaced.

How often are your skin cells replaced?

Everyday, baby!

The cells of which the organ can the human body not replace if they are dead?

the brain cells cannot be replaced by the human body, that's why the boxer who gets brain cells damage can never be illed.

How often do brain cells reproduce?

they never reproduce

Do all cells have brains?

No. The nucleus is often compared to the brain, but it is not really a brain made of brain tissue.

How often are cells replaced in your body?

Every 25 seconds

What is one reason that brain or spinal injuries cannot often be repaired?

Brain cells do not reproduce

Do you ever get new brain cells as you get older?

Yes, up to a certain point. Once you reach a certain age you will lose thousands of brain cells daily, and they will never be replaced again.

What does glue sniffing do to adults?

The same thing it does to children. Deprives the brain of oxygen which causes you to be light headed and destroys brain cells that are not replaced.

How often is skin renewed?

Our skin cells are replaced every three weeks.

How long do cells in your body last?

It varies for the different cells in your body. Brain cells can last for your entire life while skin cells are almost constantly being shed and replaced.

What is the brain protected from?

It is protected by the skull. It is protected from concussions, hits on the head, and trauma. Brain cells cannot be replaced, so if you lose them, they are gone forever. That is why the brain needs to be protected.

Why cant a cell in the brain be replaced?

there are some cells in the body that after the are produced once, they can no longer reproduce. These cells are known as cells in the quiescent stage. They are permanantly in G0 phase.

How often do bone cells get replaced?

The entire human skeleton is replaced every ten years. Seven to ten percent of this skeleton is replaced once a year.

Why do cells in your stomach and intestine divide so often?

The cells of your digestive track recieve much more wear and tear, so they need to be replaced with new cells more often. b