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Q: How often can a human have babies?
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Are babies human?

Yes and no. Human babies are human, non human babies are not human. Like cat babies, they're cats and not human. And now my answer are you a human and your answer is yes and you were a baby so it still counts so yes baby's are humans. its not a yes and no answer

How often does a box jellyfish have babies?

they often have babies every day or two

Can a human and a zombie have babies?


What animal are you born from?

Human babies are only born when the sperm of a human male fertilizes the egg of a human female and conception occurs. Human babies are only born to humans.

Why do rabbits not feed their babies?

They won't feed their babies if they have a human scent on them.

Are human babies bigger than animal babies?

Yes usually

Would rats go for human babies?

Rats can, have, and will bite human babies. It is important that babies and small children be secured against rat bites, which can carry rabies.

How do you define a hospital?

A hospital is a large establishment where ill or injured people receive medical and surgical treatment. Human babies are often born in a hospital.

Do human babies squeal?


How do babies eat?

Human babies need breast feeding or formula in a bottle.

What type of animal can have babies with a human?

Only humans can have babies with other humans.

Can you put babies with babies?

If you mean human babies, than yes. They'll be happy to have some friends around.