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Jews were commanded to go there three times a year (Deuteronomy ch.16).

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Jews were obligated to go to the Temple 3 times a year.

For the festivals of Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot.

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Q: How often did people go to King Solomon's Temple?
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Where is king solomans temple?

King Solomons temple is actually the Temple in Jerusalem.

King Solomons temple destroyed the second time by who?

Something can only be destroyed once. King Solomon's Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians.

What did queen sheba think about Solomons temple?

Queen Sheba came to see king Solomon s wisdom , not the temple.

How many died during construction of King Solomons Temple?

20,000 donkeys died during the construction of Solomon's temple.

How much did they pay for the land that king Solomons Temple was built on?

We didn't pay for it, we fought for what was rightfully ours!

What is the climate of king Solomons temple?

um guys stop looking for answer in ask. com that so champ anyway the answer is hot":)

Temples in Jerusalem still standing?

No. It was destroyed in the year 70 by the Romans.

Who was the Hebrew king Solomons father?

King David

What is the landscape of king Solomons tempel?


Where are King Solomons Gold Mines?


Who was the leader of Israel after the split?

The king was king Solomons son Rehoboam.

What is Solomons temple?

Solomon's Temple is regarded as the first temple of the Judaic faith, built by King Solomon himself. However, there are numerous references in The Bible, showing that the Temple was used extensively and continuously for the worship of many other gods, including the sun God and Asherah. On this evidence, Solomon's Temple could be regarded as also the temple of the early polytheistic faith of Judah.