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both of these cells reproduce at different rates. the bone cells, when you're fully grown, can go without dividing for about 20 years, but take around a month to go through mitosis when you're injured or growing. I don't remember about muscle cells, but I know it's less than a year. it would honestly be faster to just look it up on wikipedia or something.

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How do body cells such as muscle or bone cells reproduce?

Through the process of Mitosis, or eukaryotic cell division.

Bone and muscle of the cell?

Cells comprise bone and muscle, they do not have bone and muscle in them.

Why might bone cells be different from muscle cells?

bone cells are just strength and muscle cells are mad of muscles

Do bones reproduce?

yes, bones do reproduce as when a bone is broken the cells grow back to form the bone back together. basically THE CELLS REPRODUCE. yr 7 12 yr science.

Bone cells and muscle cells differ in structure and function because?

Bone cells and muscle cells have different functions. Bones are made of connective tissue. Muscle tissue gives an organism the ability to move.

Examples of animal cells?

Nerve Cells, Bone Cells, Muscle Cells

Which of your cells would you expect to have more mitochondriz your muscle cells or your bone cells?

muscle cells bones are weak muscles have meat and are strong so its muscle cells

What are the three functions of a cell?

skin cells, muscle cells, and bone cells.

What are the main cells in the body?

Red blood cells, White blood cells, bone cells, nerve cells, muscle cells, bone cells and brain cells.

Do white blood cells reproduce?

Yes in the bone Marrow

What bind the muscle cells together?

tendons - bind muscle to muscle ligaments- bind muscle to bone

What are the shared structures in nerve muscle epithelial bone cells?

The shared structures between nerve, bone, epithelial, and muscle cells is that they share reproduction structures and the same blood type.

How does a red blood cell reproduce?

Red blood cells are produced by stem cells in bone marrow.

Which of your cells would have more mitochondria your muscle cells or your bone cells?

your muscle cell has more mitochondria because it releases lots of energy and could make a muscle cell that has lots of mitochondria.

What are 4 different types of Cells in the human body?

muscle cells bone cells nerve cells and something else

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