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How often do fancy goldfish lay eggs?


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about 1 year. if it doesnt lay eggs then it is sick or it is a MALE.


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a fancy goldfish leaves the eggs in the stomach for about 3 month's... after that it can take up to 5 months to lay eggs after that.

Yes indeed. Goldfish does lay eggs

if your goldfish id going to get fat if not fatter regardles of how fancyscmansy it is als don't forget you need a guy goldfish to fertilize them

Goldfish lay eggs, and then the eggs hatch goldfish

Fancy goldfish (Carassius auratus) are the same species as all other goldfish. They normally spawn once a year in spring. However some commercial breeders give them controlled conditions with extremely good care and diets and they can be bred several times yearly.

Once a year during the spawning season, but it will lay hundreds at a time

Yes, because if that is their habbittat that is the only place to lay the eggs and that is where goldfish lve you will never find a pet goldfish in a lake.

when you get it a mate.

Yes, female goldfish lay eggs which are fertilized by the cloud of milt that a male goldfish, if present, releases shortly afterward.yes they do when they mate

if your goldfish is going to lay eggs it will get very fat and it will start eating a lot more. your goldfish will also not be as actve as it used to be.

It will not lay eggs by itself so don't worry about it.

Goldfish do lay eggs. The eggs will attach to something in the tank or bowl until they hatch.

Yes. Laying eggs is how they reproduce.

yes goldfish lay eggs to reproduce

Goldfish lay eggs they don't get pregnant.

Goldfish typically release their eggs while swimming with the male in chase trying to fertilize the eggs.

Goldfish lay eggs and the eggs are fertilised outside the body. So Goldfish don't get pregnant.

Typically a goldfish will not choose a specific location to lay their eggs, but rather release them while swimming and being chased by the male.

goldfish need to lay eggs. Because if they don't no goldfish would be alive and would not be any more so they would become gone forever.

A gold fish lay eggs by when they are spawning and the male puts the milt in the girl goldfish the female goldfish would get eggs and she will lay them over the tank and the male will spray his milt over the eggs and then you have to ether move the parents and the others or you can remve the eggs ... hope this helped you peace duces

Of course! Goldfish reproduce sexually not asexually

Goldfish don't have babies they lay eggs.

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